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Litterbugs be damned

March 16, 2010 Comments off

as I drive around South DeKalb, one thing that really gets me fired up is the amount of trash that seems to flourish on public streets, parks and in parking lots of private business. I was at home this past weekend working on a project in my garage when a car drove into our cul-de-sac. Like any normal person I watched the vehicle and was shocked at what happened as the car turned around in the circle. On of the passengers tossed a bag of trash out of the window onto the street. He didn’t do it quick as if not to be seen, but he dropped the bag without a care as to who may be watching. I, of course, walked down and picked the bag up and put in my trash can. This was not the first time I had seen someone toss trash out of the window without regard to what the trash does to the neighborhood. My best friend tossed some fast food trash out of the window of his truck one day, and when I called him on it his response was “better on the street than in my truck.” His attitude was one that I find too prevalent in black communities I have been in. Tossing trash out of your car is acceptable in too many areas in South DeKalb.. The idea that it littering is OK is devastating to the pride of those who live in these communities. One hallmark of when you have left the “bad” area is that the amount of trash on the streets decreases exponentially. My parents taught me when I was young that trash goes in the trash can. It does not belong in the streets, it does not belong in your car, and it does not belong on the floor. If I have trash in my truck, I put it in a bag that I have designated as the car trash bag. When I am able to, I put that bag in the trash. Whether it is at my house, or at a gas station or some other business. Littering is a quality of life issue. It harms no one, but it can devastate a neighborhood none the less. Maybe the county should double the fines for littering. Our litter laws are probably enforced only when you have been found to be doing some other ill, but doubling the fine would definitely grab the litterbugs attention

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