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Celebrating Furlough Day in DeKalb

October 6, 2010 3 comments

Happy Furlough Day DeKalb

While driving my son to daycare Wednesday morning I noticed this sign proclaiming Furlough Day. It took me a minute to ingest Furlough Day. What the heck is Furlough Day. I never heard of that holiday before. So on my return to the house, I went to the web to do some research. I started with a quick Google of Furlough Day. Way too many results, it seems everybody all over the country celebrated Furlough Day, from Georgia to Michigan to Oregon. My next move was to search the schools system website. There it was, the nugget I was searching for, Furlough Day.  In DeKalb, Furlough Day is celebrated every month of the year except March. Some months have multiple celebrations, many just one. The exact day for Furlough Day is elusive and is based on your how many months out of the year you work. Some days a few employees celebrate, on others all are forced to participate. The exact history of Furlough Day is muddy at best, but its origins can be traced back to the days when governments were flush with tax dollars and showed little fiscal restraint. I do not know how it is celebrated, but a day off from work seems to be central to the celebration. Happy Furlough Day to all.

Teacher gets off, figuratively of course

March 31, 2010 Comments off

DeKalb teacher found not guilty  |

Well, here comes another lawsuit that we will have to pay for. After being found not guilty, you can bet he will be looking for a handout from the school district for firing him when he did “nothing” wrong. The school district will bend over, and we will get you know what. I still find it hard to believe that he was oblivious to what was going on in the class. Dude could not see anything, and his hearing was impaired. Yeah, I’m buying that. By the way, it seems that the jury bought that insane defense of  “it happens all the time at SWD”. My hopes and dreams of  a common sense society are being eroded everyday.

Why Dekalb County education is a bust

February 17, 2010 Comments off

With the recent problems with the DeKalb county schools budget, I wanted to bone up on my knowledge of the system. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the website of my former high school, Towers High in Decatur. As I perused the site, something struck me as odd. There were positions that I had no idea what they did. When I went there, I do not remember any of those positions, amnd I would know, because I spent a lot of time within the admin circles when I was in school. here is a breakdown of each position. What I want to know is are these people in the classroom, or are they admins who shuffle paperwork all day. Here are some of the positions that begs the question; is this a jobs program or what?

There were five Assistant Principals. five Assistant Principals is absurd especially in a school that has a student population of just under 1000. Compare that to Tucker High, which has nearly 1500 students and they have four Assistant Principals

Towers has a total of 12 counselors. They have a counselor position for each grade; 9,10,11,12. Why not combine these into two positions, one for the juniors and seniors, and one for the freshman and sophomores. If the school were larger I might be able to see this, but I doubt it. At Tucker HS, they have half the number of counselors for 300 more students.

At Towers, there is a graduation coach. I do not know what she does, but if grad rates are an indication, she should be fired right now.

There is a position called prevention intervention specialist. What the hell is that? I would love to see the job description for this one. I would like to know what it is he is preventing, and what it is he is intervening in. This position should be killed just for it’s name alone.

Language arts coach and math coach should be eliminated. That is what the parent and the teacher should be doing.

Instructional change coach. Again what the hell is that, and why does it need a coach. put this position on the chopping block.

OK here is one that should never have been created at all. Communities in Schools program coordinator. This screams big government program that wastes money, and adds nothing to the quality of education in the school.

Social worker. I do not remember having a social worker on site when I was in school. I will give this one a pass, but one bad move, and it would be on the chopping block.

These positions are one of the reasons the school system is in trouble financially. No one has the guts to step in and say these and positions like them are a waste of resources. Put the money give these positions to actual teacher positions.