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Georgia gets jack on high-speed rail funding | Fresh Loaf

January 28, 2010 Comments off

Georgia gets diddly-squat for high-speed rail funding | Fresh Loaf.

I am posting this, because I am a believer in more transportation options like high-speed rail between cites, and light and heavy rail within metro areas.  I also believe Metro Atlanta is going to find itself a second class city to the likes of Charlotte, Birmingham, and Nashville if we do not get our act together. These cities realize how important they are to their regions, and the regions realize how important those cities are as well. Here in the Metro, you have a leadership that has become lazy and complacent while “Rome is burning”. The leadership at the state level would cut off their nose to spite their perceived enemy, Metro Atlanta. Many rural legislators would rather see a failed Atlanta region, though they know that without Atlanta, this state would be in no better shape than our neighbors to the west. So the state needs to get off their arses and make things happen with transportation. If they don’t, A lot of us will be moving up I-85.