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Another election down too many more to go

November 2, 2010 Comments off

I cast my vote today and the crowd was extremely light. I did go during the midday, so I expect that played a huge role on the lack of people there at the time. I must say some of the poll workers needed to have some training in manners. For the first time since I started voting, a majority of the poll workers were teenage kids. Of the four that I dealt with personally two of them were nitwits. They were giggling and poking at one another like little schoolyard boys. They were snickering back forth and using language that was clearly inappropriate for the setting. The other two kids were quite professional. In fact the first clerk who was checking ID was not going to let me proceed because I did not have an acceptable piece of ID on my person. I had to go back to my car get my license before he would let me in. All in all, I am glad this election season is coming to an end (hopefully). I was tired of all the campaign ads on TV/radio. The campaign signs that litter just about every corner will soon go away(hopefully). Hopefully a sense of calmness will come over all of us because people have been downright uncivil in the past two years when it comes to politics.