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Lack of civic pride in South DeKalb

June 9, 2010 1 comment

The work that I do for pay takes me to a lot of areas in the metro. One thing I notice in my travels is the lack of civic pride in South DeKalb compared to other areas. You can see the level of civic pride in small things such as litter and parks or in big things like  shopping districts, neighborhoods and even government. When I travel around South DeKalb, there seems to be little in the way of civic pride. I see people toss trash out of their cars onto the street without even a glance to see if anyone is watching. I have seen families gather in parks to celebrate an event and leave the area littered with trash, not even making an attempt to leave the park in the state they found it in. These and too many practices to list here frustrate me to no end. I have been in other areas of the metro where this type of behavior is not tolerated. Yes, all areas have litter, and not every single park is pristine, and politicians gives us little to be proud about government, but its not the fact that there is litter, or dirty parks, or a busted political leadership. It is the volume of these things that is depressing.  I was at a function at a park outside of DeKalb, and was amazed at how well the park was being maintained. There were few full trash cans beyond those in areas being used by large groups. What impressed me most about this park is that the citizens in the area ponied up money to help clean up and improve the park. Families and individuals sponsored things like benches, and pavilions, and other amenities. These people had a genuine desire to see that their park reflected their community as a whole. It seems to me when you have pride in where you live, work, and play it shows. Outsiders can see it without ever engaging with anyone in the community. South DeKalb needs to recognize this. Our politicians, business people, and residents all need to step up and take pride in where we live, work and play.   Let’s clean up our neighborhood parks, let’s clean up our neighborhood streets. If trash blows into your yard, pick it up. And for heaven’s sake stop throwing your trash onto the ground. It is unsightly, and it shows your lack of home training.

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