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Mo’ Money in the 4th

June 28, 2010 Comments off

Money means so much when running a political campaign. It can make an unknown candidate a household name overnight. Here are some tidbits I found on the candidates who are running for the congressional seat held by Hank Johnson. These are not eye-popping numbers, but I think it shows how competitive this race will be. If it were not for the PAC’s financing of Johnson, he would be right down there with Vernon Jones and Liz Carter in terms of funds raised from individuals, although he still has raised double what Vernon has in individual contributions. The number that surprises me here is the amount of money Liz Carter has on hand. She has raised just over $28,000 but has about $6,100 on hand. These numbers of course have changed since they were reported in March of this year.  Get the same data and more at the following links:


Hank Johnson (D)* $290,143
Vernon A. Jones (D) $37,570
Liz Carter (R) $28,336
Connie Stokes (D) $16,340
Cory Ruth (R) $6,792
Lawrence F. Gause (R) $2,300
Victor Armendariz (R) $0

Hank highlights

72 percent from PAC’s, expected since he is the incumbent and has a wider circle of support

$79,000 from individuals about double Vernon.

$64,000 on hand also double Vernon.

Hanks top contributors:

National Beer Wholesalers Assn: & $11,000

American Assn for Justice: $10,000

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: $10,000

United Food & Commercial Workers $7500

AFLAC inc.: $7000

Vernon highlights

$37,500 raised

$31,000 on hand

No debt
Vernon has no data for top contributor

Liz Carter highlights

Raised: $28,336

Spent: $22,219

On Hand: $6116

Debt: $1,600

Liz Carter Top Contributors

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP: $2,400

American Hermetics: $2,000

American Hermetics of Ga: $2,000

Iovation Inc.: $1,500

Inside Gwinnett: $1,295

Connie Stokes highlights

Raised: $16,340

Spent: $7,130

On Hand: $9,210

Debt: >$80,000

Individual Contributions: $7,110 or 44%

Self-financing $5,880 or 36%

Top contributors to Connie

Ngp Software: $2,600

Mme: $1,000

Where the mony comes from: In state vs Out of state funds. Not surprising that Hank gets a lot of cash from outside. What is surprising is the out of state money for Liz Carter

In State        Out State    No State

Hank Johnson (D) $53,175 (76%) $17,000 (24%) $2,000 (3%)
Vernon A. Jones (D) $34,700 (99%) $250 (1%) $0 (0%)
Liz Carter (R) $9,691 (49%) $10,000 (51%) $0 (0%)
Connie Stokes (D) $3,850 (55%) $3,100 (45%) $0 (0%)
Lawrence F. Gause (R) $600 (50%) $600 (50%) $0 (0%)
Cory Ruth (R) $601 (100%) $0 (0%) $0 (0%)
Victor Armendariz (R) $0 (0%) $0 (0%) $0 (0%)

Governor’s race about money, not character, ideals or beliefs

April 9, 2010 Comments off

Your morning jolt: A financial breakdown of the governor’s race | Political Insider.

Reading this blog from the AJC was a downer. I like to follow politics, and I enjoy the gamesmanship that goes along with the various campaigns. You have men and women running left and right to appease as many groups and special interests as possible. The say things that voters like to hear. They give speeches that allow them to preach to the choir. In the end though it comes down to popularity which is bought using tons on special interest money. It is no wonder politics in this country does not work for the mainstream middle-class folks that politicians woo every few years or so. That money is not coming from them. It is coming from wealthy donors, PAC,s and other groups who want some say in the political process. Everyone knows money will buy access, and those who give 25 or 50 or even 100 dollars is buying themselves a good feeling that they donated to a cause they believe in. That is all. your money does not allow your voice to be heard when special interests can donate tens of thousands of dollars. See here for FEC limits, and here for Georgia limits. For me it is a sad tale. It’s not that this hasn’t been going on since the begiining of our Union, but it seems today there is no shame. Candidates brag quietly that they will have plenty of cash to hold off the other candidate. Before a paper publishes a candidates stance on issues, they publish how much money the candidate has. It may be free speech in allowing people to buy access, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable. Money has corrupted the political process, and that is why you have at best questionable, and at worst corrupt politicians at every level of government.