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There is a moral black hole in South DeKalb

March 29, 2010 Comments off

Solicitor: DeKalb teacher smiled as students stripped  |

You see this is the problem we face in South DeKalb. Some moronic buffoon becomes the defacto face and lifestyle of an entire demographic. A teacher at SWD is accused of criminal acts that inlvolved “dirty dancing” by male students and all of a sudden there is a moral blackhole that is South DeKalb. His lawyer went on to argue that these things happen at SWD on a regular basis.

“That is customary and usual activity at Southwest DeKalb,” Patterson said. “This is what the kids do daily, weekly, monthly at Southwest DeKalb.”

The guys lawyer made that statement, and I nearly lost it. I could not believe that she would use that as a defense. It happens all the time. it’s OK. Yea, the monkeys throw shit all the time just ignore them. She made a hard situation worse for the school and the community. I bet her kids have the privilege of being in a so-called “better” school, because God forbid anything negative and unholy happen at any school other than “those” schools . She basically puts down the entire student body, Administrators, teachers, and parents. What she was saying was that this is normal for “these” people. What she said was,  you can’t hold “these” people to normal standards, after all the attend, work, and live near “that” type of school. She played on the stereotype of what people think of an area once “those” people move in. Think I am just being overly sensitive, checkout some of the posts at the Get Schooled blog. The very first post:

I coached cheerleading at a high school several years back. Our school would play some south Dekalb schools. The cheerleaders and dance teams would do some seriously trashy dancing and cheers. My girls would look at them and want to do some of the same. My answer- as the ADULT in charge- NO!! I don’t care what the kids want to do- as the teacher- you are the adult and you need to make the right judgement call. In a school fraught with issues like Southwest Dekalb- the teachers have to hold the line harder than anyone. The kids can whine and complain and stamp their little feet all they want- the adult is in charge.

I bet this person could not wait to lump as many South DeKalb schools in this mess as he/she could. It is funny how when some crappy mess happens at one school in South DeKalb, the entire population gets lumped in as being culturally deficient, and a threat to the good morals of this country.(BTW, this country lost it’s morals long ago, you have just recently had someone to blame) When these things happen in upper class, christian neighborhoods, it’s not a symptom of cultural deficiency, but it’s an “isolated incident” or even better, a “teachable moment” for our kids. What a load of mess that is.

Now that I have railed against those who would use this to point out the morally inept people of South DeKalb, let me say that the teacher at the center of all this should be run out of the county. He should never be allowed to teach anywhere again. Hell, he shouldn’t be allowed to work anywhere within DeKalb. In fact he should have to get the proverbial Scarlett letter branded to his skull. The should brand him with a huge capital “I”, so that when anyone sees him, or he goes looking for any kind of employment, everyone will know that they are about to hire an IDIOT. You know since his lawyer made that idiotic defense about “customary activity at Soutwest DeKalb”, she should be branded with the “I” as well. We sure wouldn’t want her going around defending dangerous people.