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David Scott fights public garden in his neighborhood, not in his district

February 25, 2010 3 comments

OK, OK, this is real good. The almighty David Scott, the representative from Georgia’s 13th district is fighting against garden spacein Inman Park according to Creative Loafing. according to the article, Scott and his wife and some neighbors are not happy that a community vegetable garden is opening across the street from their mansions. The problem for me, among a few, is that Inman Park is not in the 13th district, it’s in the 5th. So here I am bewildered and a little bit pissed that the congressman is more interested in his 5th district neighborhood than his own district. David Scott, who represents a small portion of South Dekalb as well as parts of Henry, South Fulton, Douglas, and Cobb counties is fightng like hell to keep a little veggie garden out of his neighborhood while large chunks of his district are seeing the value of their modest homes decimated by the greed and corruption that was the housing boom. I bet he and his neighbors fared quite well through the housing bust, they must have since it seems their biggest problem is a veggie garden in their line of sight. And the rage begins t o boil inside of me. The congressman has decided that he will go to congress to fight for his poorer constituents on the Southside, but will not for the life of him live in “that” part of the metro. Hmm, time to boot his ass out. I will definitely be looking for his opponents to get their info posted here ASAP. A few tidbits about Mr. Scott here, here and here