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Governor’s race about money, not character, ideals or beliefs

April 9, 2010 Comments off

Your morning jolt: A financial breakdown of the governor’s race | Political Insider.

Reading this blog from the AJC was a downer. I like to follow politics, and I enjoy the gamesmanship that goes along with the various campaigns. You have men and women running left and right to appease as many groups and special interests as possible. The say things that voters like to hear. They give speeches that allow them to preach to the choir. In the end though it comes down to popularity which is bought using tons on special interest money. It is no wonder politics in this country does not work for the mainstream middle-class folks that politicians woo every few years or so. That money is not coming from them. It is coming from wealthy donors, PAC,s and other groups who want some say in the political process. Everyone knows money will buy access, and those who give 25 or 50 or even 100 dollars is buying themselves a good feeling that they donated to a cause they believe in. That is all. your money does not allow your voice to be heard when special interests can donate tens of thousands of dollars. See here for FEC limits, and here for Georgia limits. For me it is a sad tale. It’s not that this hasn’t been going on since the begiining of our Union, but it seems today there is no shame. Candidates brag quietly that they will have plenty of cash to hold off the other candidate. Before a paper publishes a candidates stance on issues, they publish how much money the candidate has. It may be free speech in allowing people to buy access, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable. Money has corrupted the political process, and that is why you have at best questionable, and at worst corrupt politicians at every level of government.