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Who else will South DeKalb choose

July 8, 2010 2 comments

I am taking a time out from the more interesting 4th district race to look at  other races that affect us here in South DeKalb.

Here is a rundown of the Governor’s race from the Southern Political Report. I personally have not made up my mind in this one. Barnes is making in-roads with me with his commercials that allude to his experience as a former Governor.  To be honest, he is perhaps the best person for this job. I think Thurbert Baker could do the job well, I just don’t see myself voting for him. The race on the Republican side is more interesting. Karen Handel will not get my vote; there is something about her style that I have not liked since she was commission chair in Fulton County. She seems more like an opportunist, playing on voter fears than on actually solving problems. On her website she says she balanced the Fulton budget, with no mention about the commissioners who also helped balance that budget. She just rubs me the wrong way.  As for her opponents, Oxendine and Deal, they seem to have some ethics issues that could make governing difficult at best. Here and here are two Peach Pundit stories about “Ox” that questions his ethics. Seems to me that he can do some questionable things that makes one wonder about his decision making skills.  Nathan Deal, on the other hand, was found to have committed ethics violations while in the U.S. House. Seems he made some questionable moves as it relates to his business. Here is a quick summary from Huffington Post. What he was found guilty of is probably par for the course in the world of politics. The question is will it hurt his run for Governor? In my opinion, it probably won’t hurt him. And finally there is Eric Johnson, lifelong Republican and basically unknown to me until I saw some video of him. I can’t remember if it was TV or internet, but the one thing that stuck in my skull was the statement that he believed in the constitution that our Founding Fathers believed in or something along those lines. For me that is a deal breaker no matter what party you are affiliated with or how charming or successful you may be.

For the few thousand South DeKalb residents in the 13th congressional district, do not vote for David Scott. There is enough paper work about this guy’s ethics, it is surreal. Just Google him. Here, I did it for you. He is not what you want in a U.S. Rep. He is just clean enough to not be caught up in anything serious or do jail time, but if you keep sending him to Washington it just may happen. CREW rated him as one of the most corrupt members of Congress in 2007. If you do enough homework, you will not vote for this guy.  Let me move on to Rupert Parchment. I had seen his signs pop up around the extreme southern portion of the county in recent weeks. I had no Idea who this dude was until I watched a debate among the Republicans running for office. Do not vote for this guy. He lives in Midtown far away from the district. Although it may be legal, which he points out in the televised debate, it is misleading. Do you not like the housing stock in the 13th? Do you not like the environment in the 13th? Whatever his reason,  Why not run against John Lewis, after all that is his Rep, and would be his Rep in congress. He is a fraud just like David Scott. So who to vote for? Well my money and vote would go to Deborah Honeycutt. Check her out here. She is a doctor who has a clinic or two on the southside of the metro. This is her second run for this seat, and she made a respectable run in 2008. In that election she received 31% of the vote. Unlike some of her counterparts, she resides in the district she wants to represent, so she is not pulling a David Scott, and living outside of the district.  She also is a moderate Republican. She does not want to see America fenced off from the rest of the world like many of her Republican mates. And she is not afraid to say what her position is on a variety of issues including abortion which she calls a national offense. I did watch her in a debate recently, which you can check out here. She was not as sharp with her responses as I had hoped, but hell, our last president was about as sharp as a bowling ball, so that should not preclude her from being in Congress. I hope voters in the 13th boot Scott and send him back to Inman Park to fight with his neighbors over a community garden.

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Governor’s race – The candidates

March 31, 2010 Comments off

I have been spewing a lot about the congressional races that affect South DeKalb, but have neglected the race for the CEO of the great state of Georgia. So here they are with some campaign sites and my take on each of course. my list is not exhuastive. for the complete list of the governors race as well as others check out this page from the Sec. of States website


  • Thurbert Baker, Smart guy, knows his stuff, needs to fix his cut though. Can he win? No. Not because he is not qualified, but because history says he can’t win.
  • Roy Barnes, The former head man is qualified; after all he has held the job before. Can he win? Of course he can win, but he won’t
  • Carl Camon, I didn’t know who this was until I started this list. His bio suggests a hard worker who was not privileged like some of the other candidates. Can he win? No. Small town mayor ain’t enough to overcome the history that says he can’t win.
  • DuBose Porter, This guy seems squeaky clean. Church man, Eagle Scout, family man, all great things. Can he win? Maybe. He might be a dark horse, if he doesn’t have any skeletons.
  • David Poythress, I like this guy. He is a military man, although it is was the Air Force. It is hard to go wrong with a military man. He has been in many leadership positions. Can he win? I think he could go all the way and get beat by any Republican.



  • Jeff Chapman, Can he win? I don’t know. Probably not. But who knows. He does have the best website of all the candidates.
  • Nathan Deal, I wonder if this ethics thing has any legs? Can he win? Polling says he is competitive, and would beat Roy Barnes if he were the Republican candidate and Barnes was the  Democrat choice.