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This is part of the problem with Atlanta news

March 5, 2010 Comments off

Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy posses allegedly duke it out downtown  |

I guess the AJC felt this was news. A group of baby thugs and little hoodlets squaring off in a clothing store. These things happen all the time, and I know the argument will be that these people are famous therefore there is a compelling interest to tell the story. Well first of all, the story was not compelling. Maybe some background as to why they would tangle, maybe link it to some ongoing feud between the two families that has been simmering for generations might be compelling. The way the story is written is like a schoolyard account of a fight. I bet bet the reporters did not even walk the few blocks down to Walters, they probably called on the phone and talked to a store employee. But what really gets me is that this is actually a story. I checked my tweetdeck, and this story is on fire. the clothing store, Walters, was trending high in Atlanta. The sheeple were retweeting the same AJC story over and over, with their comments included. Many of those were taking sides, eventhough the altercations was long over. I do not expect the AJC to cover a fight between the ‘hood ganstas. This is not entertainment, it is clownery. Promoting the clowns should be left to the ringmasters, not the news organizations. Just thought i would vent on this one.

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