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Inside the numbers – BOE Elections

November 11, 2010 9 comments

OK, I looked at the precinct level numbers for the BOE election from earlier this month and they tell a better story about how some candidates fared. In district three,  Sarah Copelin-Woods did not cruise to a victory. Lets remember she got 51 percent of the vote. It looks bad because her opponents Holt and Wilson got 18 and 30 percent respectively. But if you look at from a precinct level, Woods only walked away with two precincts. In both she had a ten point differential between her and her combined opponents. She actually lost seven of the 25 precincts. I think it is fair to say she squeaked by. Also lets not forget that Robert Holt did no campaigning, and attended no forums. He pulled nearly 1/5th of the vote on name and dissatisfaction alone. Had he put an effort into this race we would be talking about a run-off in the 3rd.

In district 5, it was a wash. Jay Cunningham got 60 plus percent in every precinct save one, and in that one he got 57 percent.  The voters in district 5 are obviously happy with their representation.

In District 7,  Zepora Roberts won no precincts outright. In fact the closest she came to winning a precinct was a tie in Snapfinger Elementary precinct. In all the other precincts the combined opponents percent of the vote was double digits over Roberts. In half the precincts it was 25 percent or more. Roberts lost outright to Donna Edler in seven precincts. In Contrast, Edler lost four precincts to Roberts. In a nutshell, Edler, with thirty percent of the vote, is within range to unseat Roberts. Roberts has a heck of a hill to climb if she wants top keep that seat. When looking at the numbers, I have to wonder if Willie Mosley sucked votes from Edler or from Roberts. Mosley got 22 percent of the vote. If he sucked votes from Edler,  She will be a shoo-in to win. If he sucked votes from Roberts, we may have a WTF moment on December 1st. I spoke to Mr. Mosley and he has strong opinions about both candidates. He has a dislike for Roberts , who he sees as taking the schools in that district down among other issues, and he thinks Edler is unprepared for the seat. If he gets vocal, in the next couple of weeks I think he can get quite a few people to go back to the polls. We will have to wait and see if Enough people are upset enough to return to the polls on what will almost assuredly be a defining moment for DeKalb schools.

Finally a look at the numbers in district 9. Since this is a so called super district, it encompasses neighborhoods from the south and central parts of the county. Ella Smith essentially won the precincts above Memorial Drive, and Walker those south of Memorial. There were some notable exceptions. Walker one four precincts in the Emory area. Not only did he win them, he won them by double digits. He also ran a closer race in all the other precints than Smith did. Smith won ten precints by more than ten percent. Walker on the other hand won 44 by ten percent or more. Walker recieved at  least 40 percent of the vote in every precinct except one. Walkers strength was in South DeKalb precincts, but he ran strong enough in all precints unlike Smith. Walker was put back in office by residents throughout the district.

The numbers can be had if you go to DeKalbs website for elections here and download the statement of vote. Here are the excel documents I created from the election results database.

BOE-D7 Results

BOE-D3 Results

BOE-D9 Results


District 5 and 9 candidates to hold forum at SWD

October 1, 2010 Comments off

CrossRoadsNews – School Board forum at SWD.

This according to Crossroads News. I hope it is better attended than the first two that was open to all candidates. According to the article all candidates will be  there.

District 5 incumbent Jesse “Jay” Cunningham and challengers Jacques Hall Jr. and Dr. Kirk A. Nooks and District 9 incumbent Dr. Eugene “Gene” Walker and opponent Ella Smith will face a panel of journalists and PTA President Kevin Chenault at the 7:30-to-9 p.m. forum. They also will take questions from the audience.

I too will be there.

DeKalb School Board Candidates 2010

September 16, 2010 7 comments

Here is a short list of candidates running to unseat some incumbents at the DeKalb school board. I have had conversations with several of them, and I think each is qualified for the board. I think it would be a good move to toss out all of the members up for election. The turnover might do some good, and there will be enough members left so that we do not have a completely inexperienced board. I implore you to at least take a look at these people. Remember, the people on the board now are not entitled to those positions. Just as they were elected to serve, the can just as easily be yanked in favor of fresh leadership.

District 1

Bobbe Gillis



Nancy Jester



District 3

Corey E. Wilson



District 5

Dr. Kirk Nooks



Jacques Hall Jr.


District 7

Richard Gathany


Donna Edler


District 9

Ella Smith


DeKalb school board member talks tax increase

February 10, 2010 Comments off

DeKalb Chamber of Commerce: Message from DeKalb Co School Board Member Dr. Eugene Walker.

I think Dr. Walker summed up his feelings rather well. We are short of cash, and we need to raise taxes. I liked his first sentence.

There are only three ways to balance a budget. 1) Cut overhead i.e. services and personnel, 2) raise revenue i.e. taxes, and 3) a combination of 1 and 2.

Dr. Walker stated what no one wants to hear, the truth. We are going to have to raise taxes to get this budget under control. This isn’t just about the DCSS, it is about governments across the board. Cities, Counties, Boards of Education, it does not matter. As a side note, I must say that I think Dr. Walker not wanting to cut personnel is wrong. His plan D protects jobs that might be redundant, or just not needed. I bet there are some made up positions that someone filled with their college buddy or their neighbors child. that is what happens when the coffers are overflowing. During good times, no one wants to think that bad times are coming. Every body wants to spend, hire more folks, and use as much of their budgeted funds as possible. Hell they do it in the business world. Then when the good times stop rolling, no one wants to sacrifice. if you prosper during the good times, you must expect to suffer a bit in bad times. This should be a lesson to the DCSS and DeKalb government as well, learn to do more with less. Take that saying and run with it even when times are good, and when times are bad.