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Resident asks grand jury to investigate DeKalb commissioner

February 22, 2010 Comments off

Resident asks grand jury to investigate DeKalb commissioner  |

Seems not everyone hs let Commissioner Barnes Sutton off the hook. It seems someone wants the DA to investigate whether Barnes Sutton used her position to get out of being taken to jail over outstanding warrants. I can’t say that the commissioner used her influence, but I know folks in jail on outstanding traffic warrants, so yes she should have been taken to jail. Why she wasn’t needs to be investigated. Maybe they should bring in another DA from another jurisdiction. That would let everyone one see that this thing is being handled as impartially as possible. One more thing. DA Keyes has turned down a previous request for an investigation by her office. Her excuse was that the cops were already looking into it. I want to see if she will investigate now that the cops have finished their investigation.