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Late night musings

August 25, 2010 Comments off

No public cash for private developers

Connie Stokes and Kathie Gannon reportedly were the only two commissioners to vote in favor of the GM site redevelopment plan. What baffles me is that the entire commission was dead set against raising taxes to cover budget shortfalls, funding of public safety and infrastructure projects but were in favor of a tax increase to take what amounts to a gamble that if lost, the taxpayers would be stuck with the bill. I know the increase was minimal, but it is about principles. If you are willing to raise taxes to fund a private developer, why not raise taxes to fund items that make the county work. As for the 9,000 jobs this thing was going to create, I wonder how many would actually go to DeKalb or Doraville residents. If this thing was funded by private dollars, and the infrastructure could be paid for with out a tax increase, then this thing would have been a no-brainer. This would have turned into DeKalb’s version of the federal stimulus plan.

Not Surprised by nail salon manager

A store, no a nail salon in Lithonia charges a lady an extra 5 bucks because, in their opinion, she is too heavy for their chairs. Michelle Fonville was shocked and almost at tears according to her when she was told she would have to incur an overweight surcharge. Add to that a manager who basically told Fonville eff you, it costs me 2500 dollars to fix my chair because you sat down and broke it. The salon manger told Fonville to take her business elsewhere and even said that had she seen Fonville before she sat down, she would have refused to serve her based on her weight. all this on local TV no less. This does not surprise me at all. Stores like these consistently berate, and belittle the very people who keep them in business. This nail salon manager knows that her business will not suffer any ill-effects of this bad PR. It will be forgotten Thursday, and she will have a packed house on Friday evening. I personally will not give my cash to a store that berates or denigrates it’s customers. This should be a wake-up call. If they treat you like crap and you continue to give them money, what does that say about you. see video of Fonville here.

Hush Money??

DeKalb just can’t seem to stay out of the AJC’s line of fire. After the county rejected using pubic dollars to finance a private project, here’s this. The AJC reported tonight that former communications director Shelia Edwards (she accused NJ police of murder in the death of a friend) is getting a 46k severance to keep her mouth shut. I know these things are typical, even my company did it, but it seems odd they would give her severance and include phrases like not disparage the county, or not sue the county. Tells me she knows stuff that could at the very least embarrass some folks.

A quick note on Dekalb schools.

I talked with a teacher at a school that was recently built under the direction Crawford Lewis, Patricia Pope and others. This teacher told me the school is in terrible shape. Door knobs not working, ceiling tiles falling onto the floor, and leaky ceilings among other things. She told me that she can’t believe that all of the money earmarked for the school construction actually made it there. She told me plainly that she thinks Pope her husband and others took advantage of the school system and should be made to pay. That comes from a teacher who has a couple of decades in the profession. Also, attorneys for Dr. Lewis asked for a change of venue. They say the will be unable to get a fair hearing in DeKalb. If you are guilty, that evidence will follow you wherever you go. A change of venue will not change that.

Lastly, I have to weigh in on this mosque thing that seems to be captivating everyone. I do not believe that this is about reverence for a site that saw the deaths of 3000 people. There is nor reverence here. On the site will rise another structure praising the glory of capitalism. If it was a place to be revered, it would be more like the memorial at Pearl Harbor. In the end this is about hatred of all things Islam, after all it was the religion of Islam that caused the deaths 0f 3000 innocent souls. The idea of government not promoting or sponsoring any particular religion really means that Judeo-Christian principles rule the day, minus the Judeo part. These men and women, being citizens of the United States, have every right to build their place of worship wherever the choose, so long as it meets existing laws/ordinances, and does not infringe upon the rights of those around them.

Vernon Jones loses case and maybe more

April 1, 2010 4 comments

Vernon Jones loses DeKalb discrimination suit  |

Damn Vernon. You discriminatin’ against white people. That’s what a jury said. Vernon, and his co-defendants were found liable for creating a “racially hostile work environment”. let me say this, anytime you have more than one black man in a work environment, it is considered hostile. Two of the plaintiffs were not awarded any damages. This has to be terrible news for Jones. He is running for Congress in a district that has a sizable white population. If they see him as hostile towards whites, this could be the end of his run for Congress. Hell it could be the end of his run for any office outside of the ‘hood. I personally want to see Vernon run a strong campaign, and I hope he can deflect criticism about this verdict and keep the focus on why he should be the Congressman from the 4th. After all, if there is no Vernon this race will be really boring.

Reverse discrimination suit not good for Jones

March 24, 2010 Comments off

Vernon Jones testified today in a reverse discrimination lawsuit filed against the him and other county employees in 2004. Jones, who is running for the 4th district congressional seat, is already a polarizing figure, but this is not what you want to be doing when you are trying to get a congressional campaign up and running. According to the AJC, there is a voice recording that implies Jones would not be happy with some possible promotions in the fire department. Here is a quote form the AJC article:

“He wants to pick ‘em from a population that is solid snow white already,” Stone said. “Now he got to cut that [expletive] out with Vernon. … He told David Foster not to — we don’t promote anybody until you figure out how you can fix this problem.”

The CEO, Stone said, would be furious. “Vernon’s going to kill ‘em.”

This is no smoking gun, but my gut tells me the county could be on the hook for this one (I would love to see the entire jury on this one). Whether the case has merit or not, is not for me to decide, but I wonder how much of this is about the former CEO and how much is about actual job discrimination. If you read this article from the AJC, Jones hired whites for several high positions in county government. In the article, if it is true, one of the plaintiffs was even promoted, given a raise and a car allowance. Hell, I would take that kind of discrimination all day long. Seriously though, I think the lawyer for the county employees being sued alongside Jones said it perfectly

“Our Constitution is not designed to be a workplace be nice code,” he said. “It is designed to protect against discrimination.”

Basically, Vernon may not treat you nice, but don’t worry he treats everyone like that.

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