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Does Lowery endorsement help Johnson?

July 7, 2010 3 comments

Does him backing a candidate make the candidate more appealing

Lowery to endorse U.S. Rep. Johnson  |

Does this endorsement carry much weight? I mean Lowery has been around for decades, and for many in my generation, getting an endorsement from him seems to mean more of the same old people running a broke system. Not to be knocking Rev. Lowery, but how much weight does this endorsement actually carry, especially in a district that has a median age of about 33 years. Although, he may sway some older voters in this district, I doubt this will be a knockout blow to any of the candidates Johnson is facing. I would venture to say that an endorsement from T.I (God help us))or Gucci Mane (God help us more))would swing the pendulum farther than one from a civil rights icon. Like it or not, this is the way it is.


DeKalb schools hit with civil rights complaint

March 6, 2010 Comments off

Civil rights complaint filed against DeKalb schools  |

According to this AJC article, the complaint charges that race plays a role in who gets into DeKalb’s high achievers program called the International Baccalaureate. After a little research into the group, known as In My Shoes, who is filing the complaint on behalf of student x, I was able to better make sense of their argument. At first I was skeptical of the race complaint, now not so. I believe this may be a class issue where race happens to be the one factor that’s binds it all together. According to the group, they think educational access in South DeKalb lags that of North DeKalb schools. That is something many of us in South DeKalb have known for quite sometime. From the outside looking in it would seem that the academic success in South DeKalb is limited, after all no high school in South DeKalb has SAT scores that  are above the Georgia average, and few if any middle and primary schools rank high on any criterion based test. This is sort of like a chicken and the egg scenario. Are the bad tests and grades a result of a lack of a quality education, or is the education of a high quality and the kids just don’t get it. It is easy to write off these kids and say they are not able to do the work, but if they are being taught to a level that is not competitive or challenging, then can we really expect them to excel at the next level.  do not know how this is going to fall, but I hope it sheds light on practices that keep challenging educational programs out of “urban” schools in favor of their more suburban counterparts.