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Social media and the 4th district candidates

February 3, 2010 3 comments

Larry Gause

Gause is not garnering a whole lot of fans on his page at Facebook.  He seems to send updates every other week or so. His last was January 22nd. I do know this much, he is a true republican, no doubt about that reading some of the postings on his wall. He comes across to me as an anti-abortion, fiscal conservative and anti-Obama Republican. That aside, he has posted some informative stuff such as free tax service from the United Way, and this little piece – Today we observe the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King and his vision of equality for all. Let us also acknowledge the contributions his widow Coretta Scott King had in making this day possible 15 years following MLK’s assassination. She sacrificed much to support her husband as he fought to end the plight of many. – which left me a bit surprised, but was glad to see someone acknowledge King’s other half while celebrating MLK. As for his Twitter account, he has been non-existent since his announcement about joining the 4th district race back in August of ’09 He does have nine follower though.

Liz Carter

I like the way Ms. Carter is working her social sites. Her Facebook fan page is constantly updated with her latest visit to one group or another. She then backs that up with tweets to her Twitter friends. She has fresh lively info that lets you know exactly what she is doing, and where she will be soon and her position on current events. I don’t know if she has a professional doing this, or is doing it with the help of her kids, but she is miles ahead of the others when it comes to connecting to the voter in a digital way. She has 755 fans at her Facebook fan page, and the number will increase significantly as we head into the summer months. At her Twitter page, she tweets about everything she is doing. She tweets before she meets with a group, then tweets afterwards letting us know she enjoyed their time. I like the fact that she is following some 115 persons as of today. I bet that number rises as well. She seems to want to connect to her constituents and be as informed as possible about them. If she had a (D) behind her name, she would give the other (D)’s run they would not soon forget.

Hank Johnson

You would think that the incumbent would have a sleek, well ordered, and efficient setup. Well you would be wrong with Hank. He needs to light fire under the social media guy/gal, whose only job is to monitor such things, and keep his Facebook/Twitter stuff up to date. His Twitter page is pedestrian. He should change the default to something else. He is following 113 people, but should have more than 18 followers. His last tweet was late January. Unlike Liz Carter, he does not give you a blow by blow account of his comings and goings. That may change if he feels that he is getting some pressure from his challengers. His Facebook page gets regular updates, mainly press release type stuff and is much more interesting than his tweets. He does have 539 fans so far, and his fans are active on his page, giving him their support. As an incumbent, he can afford to come to the game late, but not too late.

Vernon Jones

Vernon came to the game late. When I first posted a listing of the various candidate sites, only Connie Stokes was less visible. Vernon’s fan page was empty, and he had one tweet to his credit. His still has that one tweet, but he has gotten a few followers since then, though they have nothing to follow right now. Vernon has taken his Facebook profile up a few notches. He still has a ways to go to reach Hank or Liz, and he can start by getting some updates out there. He already has 152 fans, and I am pretty sure they, like I would like to see more info about his campaign and his positions on some issues. Hell, he could just browse on over to Liz Carter’s Facebook/Twitters sites and take a cue from her. After all he doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel.

Poll says Hank trounces other Dems in 4th district

February 1, 2010 Comments off

Found this at the Political Insider blog. Hank Johnson is far ahead of the other Democrat candidates in their race for the 4th district. The numbers included Lee May who has decided not to challenge Hank for his seat. The date for the document is Jan. 28th, so this is recent. I know that these polls are premature, but I think it shows how far the challengers must climb to overtake a non-controversial and popular candidate like Hank.

Lee May passes on the 4th district race for now

February 1, 2010 Comments off

DeKalb commissioner not running for Congress  |

Good choice Lee. I think he realizes it is not his time. He’s only been on the commission a couple of years, and I doubt his name is as recognized as Connie Stokes or Vernon Jones. To me this makes sense. He will probably win re-election in his district, and he gets to sit backk and watch the Democtat candidates beat each other up and then watch the Republicans take it to whoever is the Democrat rep. It gives him ammo two years from now to use during the 2012 cycle. I believe he is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to jump in. It will be interesting if Hank is re-elected, will May challenge him in 2012. It goes without saying that if Hank loses this election, May will be in the 2012 race barring a Barnes Sutton type incident.

See who is in the race here

Barnes Sutton says she spent $69K on campaign

January 29, 2010 Comments off

From Atlanta Unfiltered

Can you loan yourself 69k to run for political office?

OK, This is weird. Here is a woman who is a single mother of 3,  a teacher who makes around 45 k a year, yet she can afford to loan her campaign nearly two years salary. Someone please explain. In fairness to Barnes Sutton, she could have income from other sources, so the 45k she made could be supplemented. But I still wonder how someone who has such sever financial issues be able to support a political campaign as well.  Is being a county commish that important. I think she was angling for a higher, more lucrative office, one that would pay-off a lot better than county commissioner. Needless to say, she will be hard-pressed to remain commissioner from district 4, and her aspirations of higher office have been severely limited.