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Using reserve officers to protect public buildings

April 21, 2010 Comments off

Dekalb Officers: Case Is Proven For Police Reserve Unit.

This is an idea that should be looked into. When I read the story in the AJC about the county eliminating, or curtailing private security at county owned buildings, I gasped. What the heck are they doing. You are going to take security away from areas that need it, then you are going to go public as to which buildings would not be staffed with security personnel. You are begging for a rise in criminal activity. Then I read the blog at DeKalb Officers. If the county could do this it would make sense. No officers have to be pulled from the street, yet you still get the professionalism that comes with reserve officers. I don’t know what the cost would be, or if there are liability issues to deal with, but there seems to be very little, if any downside to this Idea

Resident asks grand jury to investigate DeKalb commissioner

February 22, 2010 Comments off

Resident asks grand jury to investigate DeKalb commissioner  |

Seems not everyone hs let Commissioner Barnes Sutton off the hook. It seems someone wants the DA to investigate whether Barnes Sutton used her position to get out of being taken to jail over outstanding warrants. I can’t say that the commissioner used her influence, but I know folks in jail on outstanding traffic warrants, so yes she should have been taken to jail. Why she wasn’t needs to be investigated. Maybe they should bring in another DA from another jurisdiction. That would let everyone one see that this thing is being handled as impartially as possible. One more thing. DA Keyes has turned down a previous request for an investigation by her office. Her excuse was that the cops were already looking into it. I want to see if she will investigate now that the cops have finished their investigation.

Commissioner Lee May Pays County For Furlough Day

February 22, 2010 Comments off

from Dekalb Officers:

So Far, Only Commissioner Lee May Pays County For Furlough Day.

Kudos to Lee May. This guy wants is going to be the CEO one day. Heck he may even be the 4th district rep soon. I must admit, he has been one of the few bright spots on the commission. If you check out his website, you will see that he keeps his constituents up to date as to what concerns us here in the 5th. He has been on this budget thing from the start. even giving constituents a layman’s version of the budget, and explaining what it means in terms people can understand. When reelection time comes, he has my vote

DeKalb faces $100 million deficit

February 18, 2010 Comments off

DeKalb faces $100 million deficit  |

And the bad news keeps flowing. Can you say tax increase. At some point real soon, the commission is going to jack our taxes up. It can only be a matter of time. When the chief appraiser says that the tax digest could fluctuate even more, you best believe that means it is going to go up. At this point, I am hoping for a resurgence in the economic health of the country as a whole. Until that happens, the bad news on the local level will keep coming.

DeKalb Commission, CEO battle over taxes, public safety

February 10, 2010 Comments off

DeKalb Commission rejects CEO’s threats of police layoffs  |

This is going to be interesting. You have a budget that is 80 plus million short, a commission that says it will not raise taxes, and a CEO who has the stones to fight for a tax increase. I think in the end, the CEO will come out of this with his tax increase. In this day and age no one wants to hear of their police or firefighters being cut. That is something that you do not want playing out in the media day after day. Look what it did to Atlanta when then-Mayor Shirley Franklin decided to furlough cops. Every crime was magnified by the media, and every citizen blamed, right or wrong, the furloughs. The CEO knows that he ain’t gonna cut cops from the force, especially the numbers floating around. And the commission, try as they may, will not come up with enough cuts to fill the budget shortfall. Right now everyone is saving face, but in the end we all will be stuck with larger tax bills. A tax increase is something where the anger will spike for a while but will settle back over time. Cut cops and firefighters, and you will relive that decision every time a body shows up on the news, or fire brings loss of life or property.

No holiday pay for DeKalb workers, more fees for citizens

February 2, 2010 2 comments

DeKalb wants to stop paying for holidays  |

According to the AJC article, DeKalb commisioners are considering dropping holiday pay for employees. I must say, this is a great idea considering the alternatives of additional layoffs and reduced services. This works out great because more employees get to keep their jobs, and the citizens do not see further reductions in service. According to the article, it would save about $8 million dollars. Not a bad way to slice down your deficit. I hope that the “reduction in pay” is for all 7000+ employees, and not just the hourly workers. My guess is that the salaried supervisors and admins, the ones that do not do the actual work, will not be affected.

Speaking of the budget deficit, a proposal to raise parking fees and golf course fees is also on the agenda. According to this article, the county wants to charge $3 for parking at the courts and jails off Memorial Drive. Right now it is free. I wonder how much the county will raise, after they give a contract to a company to manage the parking for them. After all, you can’t expect people visiting felons in the jail to pay the meter. And as for the golf course fees, it may raise some money, but probably won’t make a dent in the overall budget

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Was ID theft to blame for Barnes Suttons bad checks

February 2, 2010 Comments off

Was ID theft to blame for DeKalb commissioner’s fraud charges? | Atlanta Unfiltered.

According to this article at Atlanta Unfiltered, the signatures seem similar. I’m no handwriting expert, but I have to say that the signatures seem to be written by the same person. But even if the signatures were not written by the same person, it begs the question why did she not report the identity theft? That is what us normal victims would do. And if she did, why not produce documentation that would confirm that identity theft played a role in her recent financial issues. I know some will say that she does not have to prove anything, and that she took care of the outstanding money and warrants, so the issue is dead. I say otherwise. This issue is still very much alive. If she was a victim of identity fraud, why pay the money to COSTCO. You were not responsible for the bad checks. Also, why not put forward some proof of Identity fraud and put this thing to rest. If she can prove ID theft, it would go a long way in absolving her of any wrongdoing with regards to her finances. This thing will die soon, but the moment she is up for re-election, it will comeback to her. It is best to get it out of  they way now, because when re-election comes around and you start providing proof that you were right, it may be seen as a ploy and nothing more.

Barnes Sutton says she spent $69K on campaign

January 29, 2010 Comments off

From Atlanta Unfiltered

Can you loan yourself 69k to run for political office?

OK, This is weird. Here is a woman who is a single mother of 3,  a teacher who makes around 45 k a year, yet she can afford to loan her campaign nearly two years salary. Someone please explain. In fairness to Barnes Sutton, she could have income from other sources, so the 45k she made could be supplemented. But I still wonder how someone who has such sever financial issues be able to support a political campaign as well.  Is being a county commish that important. I think she was angling for a higher, more lucrative office, one that would pay-off a lot better than county commissioner. Needless to say, she will be hard-pressed to remain commissioner from district 4, and her aspirations of higher office have been severely limited.

Special treatment for commisioner over warrants?

January 25, 2010 Comments off

GBI, sheriff question DeKalb handling of wanted commissioner  |

This stinks to high hell. There isn’t much I can say other than had this been you or I, we would still be fighting to get out of jail.  I can’t for the life of me understand why DeKalb Police would allow a person with warrants to leave the scene. The GBI, and a former prosecutor both said the same thing; she should have been hauled off to jail. This scandal may cost Barnes Sutton her position on the DeKalb Commission. This coupled with other financial problems being reported, should be enough to do her in. Then again crazier things have happened

DeKalb commissioner has arrest warrants in Gwinnett

January 21, 2010 Comments off

From the AJC

The latest: Apparently the warrants that were in effect are no longer valid. It seems the warrants were canceled, and the commissioner allowed to make right the bad checks. According to the AJC, at 3 p.m. the warrants were still valid, but by 5 p.m. the warrants gad been canceled. This truly sucks. And it stinks too. If you ever had a warrant out for your arrest, you know that you are never give the opportunity to make it right before you go to jail. Even the Gwinnett Sheriffs office was puzzled as to why Barnes Sutton was still at large. I smell a rat here. But I’d bet my last dollar that this goes nowhere. The officers responsible for her release, the judge who canceled the warrants, and Ms. Barnes-Sutton will all walk away as if this never happened. The really sad part is that there are men and women languishing in DeKalb jail on outstanding warrants for things as small as a traffic violation.

See the ajc account here


DeKalb commissioner has warrant for her arrest  |

Damn, Damn, Damn. We can’t win for losing. Now we have a commisioner with warrants out for her arrest. According to the AJC article, Commissioner Barnes-Sutton is wanted for passing bad checks. Now I know that people make mistakes, but apparently this is not the first time. She may need to take some financial management classes to bone up on how to use checks. It seems, according to her bio (, she is a very intelligent woman. Passing several bad checks though would bring some doubt to that assertion.

By the way did anyone notice that the police did not arrest her for those outstanding warrants. Hmmm, what quid pro quo went on here? Just asking, because you know had that been you or I, we would have been sitting in the back of a squad car.