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Long and violent summer to come?

May 6, 2011

Three dead, one critically wounded in DeKalb shooting and standoff  | ajc.com.

DeKalb police chase ends with suspect shooting himself  | ajc.com.

I went to bed and the last thing I saw was a story on the news about a suspect who robbed folks in Lithonia and at South DeKalb Mall. The suspect allegedly shot himself on Bouldercrest Road. I wake up this morning, and the first thing to greet me on the morning news was a stand-off between DeKalb SWAT and a suspect who had shot a couple of people. In the end three people would be dead. in a little over twelve hours, 4 people were dead, one critically injured and several people shaken up. All of this in a relatively small area in South DeKalb. I normally don’t comment about individual crimes, but two high profile crimes in such a short time is quite a feat even by South DeKalb standards. the saying “long, hot summer” could take on a whole new meaning this year

  1. May 15, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Perhaps the Sheriff’s Dept needs to buy a stinkin’ map? After concentrating their efforts on Glenwood they say they mobilized in Gresham Park. But since this crackdown effort only lasted til 1AM and they were on Glenwood past midnight- I don’t know what could have been accomplished. How unforgivable is it that they say they are making a ‘crackdown effort’ resulting from the triple homicide in Gresham- then concentrate their ‘effort’ in Decatur not Gresham and only for a few hours? A serious crackdown effort would be defined as showing up in Gresham Park every damn day and becoming a pain in the behind to the criminal element until the criminal element moves along elsewhere. That my friends is a ‘crackdown effort’. I believe that the cash these people pay property taxes with is just as hard earned in Gresham Park as it is in Decatur. Why don’t these people get the county services they pay for and the attention they need? Why do people have to die before Dekalb decides to make an effort in the south side of their county?

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