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DeKalb school closure list revealed

January 4, 2011
Updated this morning

DeKalb Schools has released possible attendance zones on its site as well as other documents pertaining to closures and redistricting. See them here. If you read the presentation, you should have a pretty good idea of what is proposed to change. The DeKalb site has been slow today, so you can  see the presentation here

The list is out and as expected South DeKalb could see many of it’s older schools shuttered. The AJC reported that 14 total schools are being considered for closing . The schools are Livsey, Medlock, Rock Chapel, Bob Mathis, Atherton, Glen Haven, Gresham Park, Sky Haven, Toney, Peachcrest, Wadsworth and Kittredge, Avondale High, and Avondale Middle, with the last two to be used as magnet schools. So let the arguing begin. Lets be fair here. Most of the schools that are on the list are in what I call “old” South DeKalb. No schools From the newer areas of South Dekalb, like River Raod, or Flat Shoals Parkway were affected.  These were schools built long before many of us were here. I hate to see so many South DeKalb schools on the list, but lets face it, those schools are not pulling their weight. They are under-used and are costing the county million to keep open. I say lets not dwell on the fact that we are losing some schools, but focus on making those that survive better. Don’t come to public hearings complaining that you want your school to remain open. Instead become more active in the school that your children will be assigned to. That will be more productive than screaming about how the process is unfair. The one thing that does bother me is that these buildings will be empty within the year and they will become eyesores to communities that have more than their fair share of dilapidated and broke down buildings. I hope the county will off set these losses to the community by either selling or auctioning off these surplus buildings. I would hate to see so many schools end up like the old Hooper-Alexander school with overgrown grass and a detriorating exterior. That to me would be a slap in the face to all of us in South Dekalb. Closing these schools will be a fleeting moment, but to allow them to become dilapidated and havens for criminal activity will have far reaching effects. let me know what you think. We know most of these schools will be closing, how should the county deal with this surplus inventory?

  1. Name One
    January 17, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Interesting post from the DeKalb Co School Watch blog. Look below at all the civil court cases against the BOE’s Jay Cunningham. This guy is one of nine people in charge of a billion dollar budget??!!

    Look on DeKalb OJS Civil cases and see how many times and for what amounts Jesse “Jay” Cunningham has been sued or garnished for indebtedness, mostly relating to auto debt. Great that we have him helping to control a huge budget. 17 cases over the years taken to court for money and one for a protective order for domestic violence.

    When are the voters of DeKalb going to wake up?

    Case Search Results
    Last Name First Name / MI Party Type Case ID* Type Court Style Filing Date Status
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 09G24391 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Credit Co Vs Jesse J Cunnington 28-JUL-2009 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 10G35599 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Vs Jesse J Cunningham 15-NOV-2010 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 03A11016 State Civil Suits State Ford Motor Vs Cunningham 08-SEP-2003 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 04G91364 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Credit Co Vs Jesse J Cunningham 01-SEP-2004 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 93A75228 State Civil Suits State Frank Jackson Lincoln Vs Cunningham 20-JUL-1993 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 07G08078 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Credit Vs Jesse J Cunningham 25-JUL-2007 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE J DEFENDANT 08G13210 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Vs Jesse J Cunningham 01-APR-2008 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE JAY DEFENDANT 01M81305 Magistrate Civil Suits Magistrate Cindy Mcqueary Vs Jesse Jay Cunningham 31-MAY-2001 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE JAY DEFENDANT 01M85208 Magistrate Civil Suits Magistrate Bruce Webb Vs Jesse Jay Cunningham 13-NOV-2001 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 08G18581 State Garnishment State Ford Motor Vs Jesse J Cunningham 18-NOV-2008 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 08G19157 State Garnishment State Georgia Receivables Inc Vs Jesse Cunningham 12-DEC-2008 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 10G28373 State Garnishment State Georgia Receivables Vs Jesse Cunningham 13-JAN-2010 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 09G28373 State Garnishment State Georgia Receivables Vs Jesse Cunningham 13-JAN-2010 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 10D58256 Magistrate Dispossessory Magistrate Salem Crossing Shopping Center Vs Evelyn Phillip 16-AUG-2010 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 10G36434M Magistate Garnishment Magistrate Ga Recievables Inc Vs Jesse Cunningham 16-DEC-2010 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 02D60250 State Dispossessory State Lexington On The Green Vs Jesse Cunningham 18-MAR-2002 OPEN
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 97CV11173 Superior Domestic Relations Superior Cunningham Vs Cunningham (Se) 15-SEP-1997 CLOSED
    CUNNINGHAM JESSE DEFENDANT 07A74296 State Civil Suits State American Express Vs Evelyn Phillip 18-SEP-2007 CLOSED

  2. Name One
    January 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    WOW! A must read:

    Raze DeKalb’s education ghetto

    -William Blackwood received a B.A. from Georgetown and a Ph.D. from Yale. He has been teaching social studies at Southwest DeKalb High School since 2007.

  3. Just Watch
    January 11, 2011 at 9:20 am

    My understanding is that the Museum School wants to be in Avondale, however, with the current economics perhaps they will be more flexible.

  4. Teacher
    January 8, 2011 at 10:53 am

    The Museum School, a charter school in the Avondale area wanted to purchase the old Forrest Hills building and they would probably be interested in any of the building being closed. I think Dekalb should go ahead and lease or sell to them.

    • January 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm

      I like the idea of Charters or Privates taking these buildings to use. In fact If I were the county I would be actively shopping them around. It would benefit both charters/privates as well as the county

  5. Just Watch
    January 8, 2011 at 7:54 am

    The consultants said in August, when they come back with the rest of the plan, they will reveal recommendations for what to do with empty buildings.

    The challenge, though, is that there will be some that need to be sold and the market stinks.

  6. Never Ends
    January 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL, Post 1 Did brand-new principal Uras
    Agee III use special education funds to hire a female as a
    paraprofessional and now use her as the front office secretary? Is
    a principal required to have special education paraprofessials work
    in special ed classrooms?

  7. Librarian
    January 4, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    My understanding about the proposal is that the closed schools would be decommissioned. The contractor explained that these schools would be closed as schools but may be utilized, by the school district, in other ways. Later, when the population returns, the schools could be reopened up as neighborhood schools.

  8. Dekalbite
    January 4, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    South DeKalb, you may disagree with me so just delete this post if you want.

    I am urging everyone to email Ms. Tyson and their BOE member and ask them not to back down on redistricting when confronted by the Fernbank parents. Many schools in South DeKalb are being shuttered, and almost everyone is going to have to have some changes come to their schools.

    “Name One” said in a comment on your “Inside the Numbers – BOE Elections” post:
    “Walker won four precincts in the Emory area. Not only did he win them, he won them by double digits……You know why? because he pandered to Fernbank Elem parents and promised them their attendance lines would not be changed, even if there is overwhelming data to do so, as nearby Medlock Elem is underpopulated…”
    I hope Walker and every BOE member realizes that he/she represents ALL of the students of DCSS.

    Fernbank is organizing, mobilizing and is determined that Ms. Tyson and the BOE will not touch their community. I’m appalled, but not at all surprised. If you recall, I commented on that same post:
    “…when it was suggested that FSC may be scaled back or eliminated, the Fernbank Community mobilized to the hilt. The result was that FSC was trimmed less than any local school that serves students. It was awesome to see them in action. ….I don’t think anyone could withstand the pressure from this group. Fernbank Elementary has so many gifted students, they have many teachers over the allotment from state gifted funds, and the PTA is so wealthy they can hire teachers to teach the “extras” like art, music, foreign language (and they have done so). They have the highest housing value in DeKalb with the average house going for close to $500,000. People choose that neighborhood and pay that kind of money because it is a close in, beautiful, safe neighborhood with good schools. Redistricting Fernbank will not be pleasant. They are without a doubt the most powerful group of parents in DCSS.when it was suggested that FSC may be scaled back or eliminated, the Fernbank Community mobilized to the hilt. The result was that FSC was trimmed less than any local school that serves students. It was awesome to see them in action.”

    Below is the Fernbank Community’s post on DeKalb School Watch. They are a well connected, wealthy group that has been touched little by the recession – a sleeping giant that has a sharp bite when disturbed. There’s right and wrong, and everything about this smacks me as wrong:

    “As many of you are aware, the Interim Superintendent produced a preliminary recommendation on school closures and redistricting last night that would redistrict a significant portion of Fernbank’s attendance zone to Briar Vista Elementary….the Fernbank PTA and the Fernbank School Council are staunchly opposed to this recommendation. Not only would the plan cut away a crucial and significant portion of our school, it would leave those who were not redistricted at a school with fewer teachers, fewer program offerings, and fewer committed families.

    In order to fully execute our opposition and to defeat this recommendation, we are assembling teams of parents and interested stakeholders who will be dedicated to different areas and tasks. We currently envision teams for: (1) legal — researching and drafting potential administrative and judicial redress; (2) political — identifying and working our community’s connections with anyone and any entity that may influence the Board’s decisionmaking; (3) communications and public relations — developing and coordinating both external contact with media outlets and internal communications via our e-mail groups and ConstantContact, as well as coordination with other schools opposing the current proposal; (4) research — from the consulting firm that drafted this redistricting proposal to campaign finance and other records relating to members of the Board of Education; (5) signature-gathering — we will be drafting a petition for recall of certain Board members and will need assistance in gathering the requisite signatures. If you are able to help on any of these teams, please e-mail Marshall Orson (mdorson@mail.com), Allison McConaughey (allison@hammersmith.net), or me (amypower@bellsouth.net).

    Similarly, if any of you have additional ideas or suggestions for methods of influencing the outcome of this process in our favor, please pass those along to any of us.

    We are working on scheduling a meeting at Fernbank with representatives from the School System and the Board of Education. If we are able to secure a date and time, it is absolutely imperative that we have a more-than-stellar turnout. We will need all parents and all members of the greater Fernbank community (even those without children at our school) to attend any meeting, in order to effectively convey the true level of our opposition to this preliminary recommendation.

    Toward that end, if you have friends or colleagues who are not our school e-mail list, please forward this e-mail to them so that they may add their names, for the time being, to our distribution list.

    Thank you, and we will keep you posted.”

  9. Name One
    January 4, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Medlock, Peachcreast and the two Avondale schools are in Central DeKalb, and Kittredge is North Dekalb, so it’s fairly spread out.

    Does anyone know the address of the old Hooper-Alexander School?

  1. January 4, 2011 at 9:52 pm
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