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Alcohol being sold to teens does not surprise

November 26, 2010

Study: Teens can buy alcohol in DeKalb  | ajc.com.

This should be news to no one. I know of three establishments, all gas stations, who have been cited for selling alcohol to minors. Yet they still operate and rarely ask for ID when selling alcohaol or cigarettes. Much of South DeKalb is inundated with establishments that sell alcoholic beverages. For example, a three mile stretch of Candler road from memorial to the mall area has six liquor stores. Add to that the exorbitant number of gas stations that sell alcohol, and the mom and pop grocery stores, you have an area drowning in alcoholic beverages. with so many establishments, it is no wonder teens can get alcohol easily. I am not against alcohol sales, but I am against is the concentration of establishments that sell alcohol. What is needed is a county commission and licensing board that will look at the number of establishments already selling alcohol in an area before approving new ones. If you lessen the availability, you can have better control over establishments selling alcohol to minors and punish them accordingly.

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