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DeKalb voters want to keep dysfunctional board

November 2, 2010

Looks like the final numbers are in for the school board, and the incumbents are going to stay for the most part. see the results here. Good night

It is now 1130 and the numbers look a wee bit better. In the 7th, Donna Edler has closed the gap with Zepora Roberts. It is now 35 to 32 in favor of Roberts. In the 3rd Corey Wilson has closed the gap but still trails by double digits. If these numbers hold, it will speak volumes to what DeKalb residents really want to see in their school board. I am going to bed. I hope that when I wake in the a.m. better news will greet me.

Now at 1055, Nancy Jester has taken the lead over Redovian, 49 to 42 percent. It is odd that the one district that has high performing schools has decided that it is best to replace their board member, but the rest are solidly behind the people who put us in this mess in the first place. This is too crazy. I am going to drink a couple of beers and hope for better results when I come back

As of 1045 pm, only one DeKalb school board member is in trouble. District 1 is trying to give Nancy Jester a shot at fixing the school board. The rest are so solidly behind the incumbent that it will take a miracle to catch up. here are the numbers so far

District 1 – 45-45 tie, Redovian, Jester
District 3 – Copelin-wood 51%, Wilson 29%
District 5 – Cunningham 66%, Hall 25%, Nooks 5%
District 7 – Roberts 46%, Mosley 28%, Gathany 14%, Edler 12%
District 9 – Walker 55%, Smith 45%

This is crazy. Not one member will lose their seat with all that is going on in the system. Believe this folks, if the board does not change hands, accreditation is in serious trouble

  1. Dekalbite
    November 3, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    These are the results that the AJC is published late this morning (11/3/10). It looks like a runoff for District 1 and 7 and a possible recount for District 3. I think Edler may be able to win over Roberts (they are only 4 percentage points apart) and that Jester will prevail over Redovian.
    DeKalb County – School Board – District 1
    Candidate Votes
    Nancy Jester 7,278 46%
    James Redovian Incumbent 6,877 44%
    Merope “Bobbe” Gillis 1,531 10%

    DeKalb County – School Board – District 3
    Candidate Votes
    Sarah Copelin-Wood Incumbent 8,144 51%
    Corey Wilson 4,791 30%
    Robert Holt 3,065 19%

    DeKalb County – School Board – District 5
    Candidate Votes
    Jay Cunningham Jr. Incumbent 14,088 64%
    Jacques Hall Jr. 5,213 24%
    Kirk Nooks 2,578 12%

    DeKalb County – School Board – District 7
    Candidate Votes
    Zepora Roberts Incumbent 4,665 36%
    Donna Edler 4,242 32%
    Willie Mosley Jr. 2,944 22%
    Richard Gathany 1,287 10%

    DeKalb County – School Board – District 9
    Candidate Votes
    Gene Walker Incumbent 29,366 54%
    Ella Smith 25,469 46%

    Updated Nov-03-2010 10:52 AM 100% reporting (88 of 88 precincts)

  2. Name One
    November 3, 2010 at 8:37 am

    You need 50% plus one vote to win. There will be run-off’s between Nancy Jester and Jim Redovian, and Zepora Roberts and Donna Edler. Please help support Nancy and Donna. Copelin-Wood has just over 50 percent. I assume Corey Wilson will ask for a recount. If he does, he would have a chance at unseating Copelin-Wood.

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