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Allegations against Long troublesome

September 21, 2010

I watched the interview by Attorney BJ Bernstein and I must say up to that point I was trying to be opened minded about the allegations. After watching her explain the events surrounding the lawsuit, I realized that these allegations cause seismic rumbles at Newbirth. I remember that Bernstein helped Genarlow Wilson through his issues with the legal system. I Don’t think she would be on board if there was nothing there. This thing is going to get worse before it gets better. A couple of questions in my head are: What is Bernstein’s motive? is it genuine help or something else. I know that attorneys have egos that need to be stroked quite often. The other question I have is what is going to happen to Newbirth? The last time a large South DeKalb church was facing serious allegations, it ended up costing The Cathedral thousands of followers. Let me know what you think?

Here are links to the court filings.



  1. jon
    September 27, 2010 at 2:33 am

    Bishop Long personfies flambouancy and material. His message, his conduct, his status threatens the very surivial of the African-American Church. I am not surprised, but I am disappointed. I hope this will be a wake up call for those who worship him and not God. He is who he is and if those who have been brained washed into believing he is the annointed one…pray for clairity and the ability to walk away if need be. No man in his position is should be able to prey on others to fill his gratifications, be it materialism or flesh. He along with many have forgotten those who have come before them. This is a wake up call!

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