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Value is misplaced by too many

September 20, 2010

One thing is clear: African-Americans do not need another program carved out to address anything. When 70 percent of our males drop out of high school; when 30,000 black people show up for HUD voucher applications; when greed, graft and criminal attachments seem to travel with our best and brightest in politics and government; when robbery and murder of our community entrepreneurs is vogue; when our young people believe that exposing their underwear is fashionable; and when we believe that whored-out expensive autos with rented rims is the way to social salvation, another program is not the answer

via CrossRoadsNews – Dropout rates reflect failure of principles not programs.

Now thats how you shoot from the hip. I really like the whored-out autos line, that is too classic. This post was in Crossroads news recently, and it goes to the heart of the problem in too many black communities. Too many people put value into the wrong things. The things that should be valuable to most of us, has no value to many. Education has no value. Family has no value. Friendships, hard work, and spirituality and life have no value for too many people.

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