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This is what happens when local control is given to residents

September 9, 2010

Dunwoody: How a new city is finding its way  | ajc.com.

I am putting myself on the record as being an advocate of all areas of DeKalb incorporating into separate entities especially South DeKalb. I am not in favor of the entire unincorporated areas gaining city-hood. Incorporation and annexation of specific areas gives people better control of issues that are most pressing to them. The problem with the present unincorporated areas is that there are 600 thousand plus people who have no local say as to what happens in the areas in which they live. Take for example a recent board decision to allow a gas station to be built on Covington Highway near Redan Rd. Of seven commissioners, two voted against it. the other five gave approval for an 8th gas station between there and Wesley Chapel Road, a scant 2.5 miles. This was approved, because those who voted in favor know nothing of the area that they make crucial decisions for. Residents don’t need that many gas stations or liquor stores or any other eyesore establishments that do more harm than good. If that area were incorporated as part of a larger city, then you would have people representing the area who know the area and care about how many businesses of a particular type opens up. This is one reason why Dunwoody left the county, more local control over their daily lives. The citizens are happier, and much better off.

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