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Neglected South DeKalb gets a voice, maybe

August 31, 2010

CrossRoadsNews – Now can South DeKalb and Stonecrest get an ear.

Great article from Crossroads. To answer their statement, I hope the answer is Yes, though I doubt it. The GM site has been called a developers dream, with its access to two interstates and MARTA. Right now, developers are probably hedging, but when the economy turns the corner for good they will beat a path to the former plant. Unlike Stonecrest, and all of South DeKalb the GM site sits within what I like to refer to as the golden triangle. The area that forms the triangle that starts at the tip of buckhead, and goes out along interstates 75 and 85, with the top extending across Gwinnett, North Fulton, and Cobb Counties, a sort of inverted triangle if you may. Within this triangle is where most quality development takes place. The rest of us with a few exceptions (Midtown, City of Decatur) are left to fend for ourselves. We have to endure development of a lesser value (strip malls, gas stations with a couple of retail strores attached) that generates little tax income for the county, and provides little in the way of jobs or civic pride for those of us who live outside the triangle. The article in Crossroads makes some good points with respect to land costs, and interstate access and available infrastructure in and around South DeKalb which could be a developers dream. They also bring the county to task for not maintaining what could be one of the county’s crown jewels. I am glad that they have put a spotlight on an issue that has been around for quite sometime. I also hope that the county leadership is listening. It is time to bring quality development to South DeKalb.

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