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Legislators to help DeKalb schools with accreditation | ajc.com

August 27, 2010

Legislators to help DeKalb schools with accreditation  | ajc.com.

It should worry DeKalb citizens that SACS is doing a preliminary look into the operations and policies of the school system. This could be a first step towards SACS doing a more in depth look and who knows what they may find. That is why I am glad to see a couple of legislators step in and offer some assistance. I think this is more of a solidarity move more than a functional one, but it at least shows they are concerned and want to be a part of the solution. When Clayton was going through its problems with SACS, I remember it was a contentious debate with various camps staking out their position and not providing a unified front to show SACS and the general public that they wanted the system to succeed. It took the yanking of their accreditation for those who could make changes to do so. Fast forward to today, and DeKalb finds itself in similar territory. It is time for everyone to circle the wagons and not allow the system to even have its accreditation status in question. Parents, teachers, administrators, citizens and students need to evaluate what the school system means and how it affects not just those who are involved on a daily basis, but what it also means for the community as a whole. I thanks the legislators for stepping up, and I hope more high profile community people will do the same.

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