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DeKalb school board; of, for, and by the idiots

July 27, 2010

DeKalb schools: Diversity trumps costs  | ajc.com.


here is a quote from one member in 2009 from the article above;

“I am a very, very race-conscious person,” Walker said in October 2009. “I will never ever try to lead you to believe that I am race-neutral. I see color. I appreciate color. I celebrate color and I love color.”

This is why DeKalb Schools is a failing system on it’s way to accreditation loss. Bad judgement, and clouded decisions. Decisions not based on what is best for the system, but what is best to satisfy a personal agenda. Certain members on the school board have no interest in seeing DeKalb schools improve. Their whole existence is premised on keeping the status quo of failure and mediocrity. Many of them know that voters are far too complacent or too busy to even think about voting them out, so it gives them this thwarted view that somehow they will never be held accountable for their actions.  The problems with the board is that none of the things they do help advance the mission of the school system. They are selfish and pompous, and their main mission is to reward and protect those who they feel should have power in the school system. If they will not hold themselves, or staff accountable for their actions then we must. The leadership is an embarrassment that is moving closer to massive failure, and eventual loss of accreditation. This isn’t a rant against all of the board members, but more than a couple should be sent packing. Believe me, if the vast majority of board members are not tossed out of office ASAP, you are going to see the accreditation status of DeKalb schools put in serious jeopardy.

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