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Georgia bumpkin tosses latest salvo in class warfare

April 21, 2010

Senate votes today on cutting income tax credit for the poor | Gold Dome Live.

Once again, a bumpkin legislator has tossed the latest salvo in the warfare between the well to do and the working poor. In what seems to be a plan to save the state some money, Rep. David Knight of Griffin,  has decide he will take money from people who can least afford it. His proposed bill would take way the credits that poor people can claim on their taxes. You must be under the 20,000 dollar or less threshold to claim it. People making that kind of money don’t pay taxes anyway, but taking way this credit is a slap in the face to the poor all over this state. It is ironic that his bill initially failed to pass muster in the house, so the Senate decide to attach his crap to another bill. Here is the kick though. The Georgia legislator has decided to lessen the tax burden on upper income old folks, as well as cut the capital gains tax. Republicans preach a good game when it comes to tax cuts. they know that will get the base energized. But when you look into the details, their love of tax cuts only extend to their kind. Nothing for those of us in the middle, and not a damn thing for the least among us. I bet my bank account you won’t see tea parties and protests from the so-called patriots on this one.

  1. joeschmoe
    April 25, 2010 at 11:06 am

    ID10T… people who dont pay taxes cannot receive a tax cut — it is mathematically impossible. Do you pay more than your fair share of taxes? On April 15th, do you add $100 or $1,000 extra to what you owe in taxes? You love tax increases on others but not yourself… hypocrite and fool

    • South DeKalb
      April 27, 2010 at 11:40 pm

      Actually, when your employer takes money from your check for the fed, that in itself is payment of taxes. The amount taken can be reduced, and therefore you have a tax cut. Just because the net result is that you do not owe on the 15th does not mean you do not pay taxes. This particular legislation would in effect mean people would get less money back because they cannot claim certain tax credits That in effect means you pay more since less of it will come back to you.. And yes, I pay more than my fair share in taxes, like so many other folks. I just wait and pay it in August.

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