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Legislature screws MARTA, and working class folks too

April 20, 2010

Jay Bookmans blog posting about MARTA and the legislators who refuse to help it during these tough financial times forgets to mention one troubling issue with MARTA and those who refuse to help fund it. Many of the people in power who control MARTA’s fate at the legislative level do not care about the people who rely on MARTA for basic transportation survival. After all who rides MARTA? Poor people, people who have little or no education, people who live in crime-ridden apartment complexes, minorities, useless old folk or just some baby’s mama. In the grand scheme of things, these people do not matter. They are voiceless and passive, and therefore are not a threat. That is why the legislature can drag its feet when it comes to helping MARTA. When corporations open their mouths, and start using their influence that is when something will happen with MARTA. But wait, the corporations have no stake in MARTA. After all the bulk of their workers who “mean” anything to the bottom line drive to their plush corporate settings in the suburbs without a care in the world. MARTA’s primary directive is to move the nannies, the janitors, and the unskilled from his hovel in that other part of town to the castles occupied by the powerful who could care less if some lowly worker is left without an option to get to work. For those in power, a lowly janitor can be replaced a thousand times over with a janitor who has a car.

MARTA is in the deepest doo according to this site

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