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Why the 13th in South DeKalb should be put back in the 4th

March 25, 2010

Many people in the 13th do not know that part of that gerrymandered district includes a small portion of south DeKalb county. Though I do not live in the 13th, I have family and friends who do, and many who moved into the district were surprised that they were not in the 4th. First, I think that the people of the 13th in DeKalb are more aligned politically and economically with the 4th than they are with the 13th. Nothing against the 13th, but it seems natural from a political standpoint that all of south DeKalb be in the 4th. Next, take a look at the GOP site for the 13th district. Notice anything peculiar. There is no mention of DeKalb county at the welcome. If you go to the leadership page, the link for the DeKalb GOP is linked to the Henry GOP. That is obvious a web authoring mistake, but it is pretty clear that no one is clicking the DeKalb GOP link for the 13th. When the legislature meets to redraw districts after the census, they should consider putting that portion of the 13th back to the 4th. It will not change representation, since that part of the 13th is solidly Democrat anyway.

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