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Dog owner should be charged more harshly

March 16, 2010

Charge filed against owner of dogs that attacked 8-year-old  | ajc.com.

A misdemeanor reckless conduct charge. That is what a DeKalb homeowner faces after two of her dogs attacked an 8 year old playing in her yard. This is part of the reason why people do not care that their dogs are roaming the streets. There really is no punishment. This girl has had several surgeries, and will be scarred for life both physically and mentally. She will live with this event for quite a while. According to Georgia Code: The dog owner faces

a fine not to exceed $1,000.00 or by confinement in the county or other jail, county correctional institution, or such other places as counties may provide for maintenance of county inmates, for a total term not to exceed 12 months, or both

The dog owner will probably get probation and a fine if this is a first offense. She will forget about this after a while, and move on with her life. She will probably own more dogs and the possibility of this happening again does not diminish.  If this were an isolated incident, then I might understand the charges, but this is a problem. Dogs wandering neighborhoods and attacking people is not isolated, and happens far more often than is seen on the news. There is the old saying that the punishment should fit the crime. A $1000 dollar fine and a year in the local jail is far less suffering than what the victim and her family will have to go through.

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