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David Scott may have competition in the 13th district

March 11, 2010

in a previous post, I said I would put forward the details of any candidate that is attempting to take Scott’s seat. Well a challenger has stood up. His name is Michael Frisbee, and he has a website setup that says he is running for the 13th congressional seat in Georgia as an independent. I mention this because a small slice of South DeKalb is represented by David Scott. Frisbee says he is running as an independent, but some of his positions has a sort of “lets take back America” feel to it. I always get nervous when folks start saying lets take back America. Who are you trying to take America back from? Hell why would you need to take something back that you own lock, stock and barrel. Seems like its code for “let’s put these people back in their place. Anyway, I don’t think he will be able to unseat Scott. But stranger things have happened. I am still waiting on that contender who can replace Scott.

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