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Schools being closed is not primarily about race

March 10, 2010

“No one on this panel had anything to do with the schools on there. It started with staff,” task force member Bruce McMillian said. “I’m not going to let this panel be a scapegoat or whatever you want to call it for these tough decisions.”The pocket that has been targeted by the school system is an area that, I feel, is an area of least resistance. The affluent areas in the county, the ones with the higher tax base, none of those are being targeted.”

via Proposed school closures divide DeKalb  | ajc.com.

For many at the AJC get schooled blog, and just about all AJC blogs, race is that huge beast that rears its head in every conversation. The quote above leads me to believe that class is a bigger issue here. The committee charged with helping decide which schools to close knew that the path of least resistance was with those seven schools on the original two lists. If that number does have to be 12 schools closed, then you can believe some north DeKalb schools will be on the list. What will be the difference is that when a north DeKalb school shows up on the list the parental outrage will be overwhelming, and the more involved(financially better off) parents will have the resources to fight the school board. By the way, did anyone notice that no school on the list is in any of the newer, more involved(financially better off) areas of South DeKalb. All of the schools on the list are in the older neighborhoods of South DeKalb.

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