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Grumpy, angry police does not bode well for some of “us”

February 26, 2010

The following is a comment from the DeKalb officers speaks blog.

As I said before, and as “DeKalb Officers” point out, I will be there for you DeKalb. It’s in my “core being”. I’m just probably going to be grumpy as hell. Nothing to smile about anymore. Sorry, but can you blame me?

A grumpy police officer is a scary thought. The idea that an entire department is running around with a chip on its shoulder does not inspire confidence in me. I know not every DeKalb officer has these sentiments, but if enough do that can be a problem. check this comment:

Anonymous said…

To all of the officers with several years in. I don’t know how you made it. All of the turmoil you have been through, all the chaos, broken promises, paybacks, favorites and revenge. So let me say Thank you. Thank you for staying strong, for persevering, and for taking it one shift at a time. I cant go around saying it in person without looking like a serious a## kisser, so guys and gals I’ll say it here; I’m proud to be part of an agency that is still standing after all this crap.
and thanks DeKalb Officers blogsters, y’all are gangsta.

But BOC, CEO, and DeKalb Citizens, you could make it just a little bit easier for us….

What have we citizens done to DeKalb Police. Most citizens want a satisfied and professional police force. Many citizens including myself have said tax us just a bit more to keep public safety a number one priority. I have argued in the past that public safety should be the sacred cow of the county budget. Police officers saying they may respond a little slower to an emergency or be a little bit grumpy on the job is really scary and a bit unprofessional. A grumpy, angry, and upset man with a gun and a badge is not what I want to see the next time I get that speeding ticket on Candler.

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  1. March 2, 2010 at 2:06 am

    A word from DeKalb Officers;

    We all took an oath to protect and serve the citizens of DeKalb County, and we intend to do just that. If you have a true emergency or are in need of protection from being a victim, especially a victim of violence, we are coming. And we are coming with the utmost urgency, risking life and limb to protect you and your family. We are professionals, and we will continue to be professionals. Some of us will die trying to protect you. That is who we are. If some are saying they will hold back on response to a true emergency, then please turn in your badge now. If this is your mind set, do us all a favor and quit being a police officer, because you don’t know the meaning of duty, service and protection.

    But on the other hand, when it comes to traffic enforcement, we have discretion and lots of it. During these times when the commissioners are forcing us to work on holidays for no pay, we may just look the other way when you ease through that traffic sign or fail to use a turn signal. We envision traffic citations decreasing and warning tickets increasing. But please, not for one second believe we will allow anyone to place someone ease’s life in danger.

    The commission has suggested traffic fines be increased by 3%. We don’t agree. That is just another back door tax on the motorist within DeKalb County. We are not tax collectors. We are law enforcement officers.

    We will serve you and we will protect you. You can probalby expect the long lines at Recorders Court to become just a little shorter, and more parking space available.

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