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DeKalb School leadership a mess

February 25, 2010

DA searches DeKalb schools chief’s home, offices  | ajc.com.

I hit the web this morning doing my daily news check, and I was greeted by one peice of bad news after another and all were related to DeKalb County Schools. First the “raid” at the DCSS’s superintendents home. For me this isn’t a raid. In a raid you normally see people fleeing for cover when the “man” comes unexpectedly bearing down on them. Anyway, the “raid at DeKalb schools headman Crawford Lewis’ home early in the morning was big news, especially since it was related to the investigation into some contract irregularities by administrators in the school system. A quick synopsis from AJC blogger Maureen Downey. Then there was this bit about layoffs at the central office to save money. The news itself was not bad, just the fact that it played out with the “raid”. Finally this from the Dekalb School watch blog where they have dug up an article that has Dr. Lewis wanting to ask taxpayers to extend the SPLOST beyond it’s scheduled demise in 2012.

Lewis said he would be asking DeKalb County voters to support an extension of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax program to help fund capital improvement projects at school facilities. DeKalb County shoppers pay a voter-approved 1 percent sales tax that goes to the school system. The current tax, SPLOST III, expires in 2012. Lewis said he will ask voters to approve SPLOST IV in November 2011. “Our needs are great and we need your support.”

I can remember years ago, when I used to listen to Neal Boortz, He warned about all of these special taxation measures. He said these things that are voted on by the people and are scheduled to go away, never go away. He said the politicians will come back time after time and ask us to renew the tax, and the tax would never end. this is what is happening right now with the request from Lewis. I am not against paying a little more in taxes, as long as it is used wisely, and for the good of the entire community. Some schools in South DeKalb are in horrible shape (Towers, Cedar Grove), except oddly enough the gymnasiums. I cannot imagine sending my child to a school that is reminiscent of the the run down ghettos of not so long ago. When the new SPLOST is extended, you can bet your bottom dollar the infrastructure improvements will take a back seat to highly paid administrators, consultants and other leeches who care more about lining their pockets that educating children.

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