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DeKalb approves budget with no tax increase | ajc.com

February 23, 2010

DeKalb approves budget with no tax increase  | ajc.com.

While DeKalb residents won’t have to pay more in property taxes this year, they will see a loss in services, including the board of health, senior services and libraries. That loss could get worse.

At this point, can things get much worse. I do not know how long the commission can go with out raising taxes. If they continue cutting in order not to raise taxes, they risk killing what little quality of life amenities that remain. When the new numbers for property taxes comes in, I think most commissioners will use that as cover to go ahead and raise taxes. They have fought the good fight, and have proven that they will not raise taxes. Now they should consider a small increase if only to balance the budget, without making further cuts in service. If they continue making cuts, the sacred cow of public safety could be headed to the slaughter.

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