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DeKalb school board member talks tax increase

February 10, 2010

DeKalb Chamber of Commerce: Message from DeKalb Co School Board Member Dr. Eugene Walker.

I think Dr. Walker summed up his feelings rather well. We are short of cash, and we need to raise taxes. I liked his first sentence.

There are only three ways to balance a budget. 1) Cut overhead i.e. services and personnel, 2) raise revenue i.e. taxes, and 3) a combination of 1 and 2.

Dr. Walker stated what no one wants to hear, the truth. We are going to have to raise taxes to get this budget under control. This isn’t just about the DCSS, it is about governments across the board. Cities, Counties, Boards of Education, it does not matter. As a side note, I must say that I think Dr. Walker not wanting to cut personnel is wrong. His plan D protects jobs that might be redundant, or just not needed. I bet there are some made up positions that someone filled with their college buddy or their neighbors child. that is what happens when the coffers are overflowing. During good times, no one wants to think that bad times are coming. Every body wants to spend, hire more folks, and use as much of their budgeted funds as possible. Hell they do it in the business world. Then when the good times stop rolling, no one wants to sacrifice. if you prosper during the good times, you must expect to suffer a bit in bad times. This should be a lesson to the DCSS and DeKalb government as well, learn to do more with less. Take that saying and run with it even when times are good, and when times are bad.

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