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Ballot access in Georgia

February 8, 2010

When I saw this post at JasonPye.com,  I was pleased to see that someone had introduced a bill in  the Georgia legislature for better access for political parties other than Democrat or Republican. You see, I am the type of voter who does not vote based on a party, I vote for the candidate. A lot of people make a point of being independent, and claim to vote for the candidate they think will do the best job. I think that most of those independent voters still vote for the party rather than the candidate and the parties know this and like this. I like to look at a candidate and see if they want the district, the state, or the USA to go in a particular direction that satisfies what I want to see. Sometimes I vote for a Republican when I think its time to cut taxes, or work on our military. Other times I vote Democrat, especially at a local level if I want to see some movement on social issues close to my heart. What I hate, is that I only have two choices. At the local and state level and in Congress, I would like to see more candidates that are not affiliated with Democrats or Republicans. A lot of times, these independent/non-affiliated guys/gals have their finger on the button when it comes to issues that affect everyday citizens like myself. Sometimes I disagree with their overall platform, but their may be a nugget in there, that trumps the other stuff. I hope the bill at least gets some attention if for no other reason but to shed light on a system that is built to exclude rather than include. Read the post at JasonPye.com and you will get a good overview of how the system works today, then check out the bill here.

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