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DeKalb Superintendent explains multiple gas purchases

February 3, 2010

DeKalb schools chief used school card to buy gas multiple times a day  | ajc.com.

This is a bit much. He must think that everyone around him is a complete fool. He had the gas pumped out of the car because it was premium and he was afraid it would damage the car. Who the #@&% would believe that. His excuse is messed up on so many levels. He had some guy(crackhead)  siphon the gas out of the car with a hose. Well, what happened to all that gas? Did you give it to the guy for helping you? But the really big discrepancy were the two amounts of $32.83 and $32 charged to the credit card. Back in June of 2008, gas in Atlanta was averaging about $4 bucks a gallon for regular. premium was probably hovering around 4.20 a gallon. So he spends between 32 and 33 dollars for about 8 or so gallons of gas roughly half his tanks capacity, because remember, he says he fills up when he is at half a tank. But if he emptied out the gas, because he had to empty it to get out all the premium, he had to do a refill with regular gas. For him to spend 32 dollars more, he would only get 8 gallons right? So he wants me to believe that he went to the gas station to fill up, but decided to only get half a tank after he realized that he put premium in the tank, which he thought would damage the car. If this post sounds convoluted or like a load of crap, then you now know what the garbage Crawford Lewis spit out was. He obviously did not think too highly of the investigators, or the citizens of DeKalb to put out an excuse like that.

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