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An update to my social sites post

February 3, 2010

In this previous post, I took a look at the candidates for the 4th congressional district and how their campaigns measure up on Twitter and Facebook. I was not too impressed by Congressman Johnson’s efforts. Well I have been taken to task for my not so flattering assessment of his social media skills. As it turns out the congressman has multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. He has his official Facebook and Twitter accounts that are in addition to the re-election pages posted here. It goes without saying that Congressman Johnson’s efforts are clearly at these two sites as oppose to his re-election pages. I would think that as the incumbent, he will probably start to ramp up on the re-election sites soon. Like I said in the previous post, he can come to the game late but not too late. Oh yea, in an attempt at full disclosure, I was prompted to re-evaluate the congressman’s efforts after a legislative assistant prompted me to take a look at Hanks official pages, which would give readers a better view of the Congressman’s activities.

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