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Was ID theft to blame for Barnes Suttons bad checks

February 2, 2010

Was ID theft to blame for DeKalb commissioner’s fraud charges? | Atlanta Unfiltered.

According to this article at Atlanta Unfiltered, the signatures seem similar. I’m no handwriting expert, but I have to say that the signatures seem to be written by the same person. But even if the signatures were not written by the same person, it begs the question why did she not report the identity theft? That is what us normal victims would do. And if she did, why not produce documentation that would confirm that identity theft played a role in her recent financial issues. I know some will say that she does not have to prove anything, and that she took care of the outstanding money and warrants, so the issue is dead. I say otherwise. This issue is still very much alive. If she was a victim of identity fraud, why pay the money to COSTCO. You were not responsible for the bad checks. Also, why not put forward some proof of Identity fraud and put this thing to rest. If she can prove ID theft, it would go a long way in absolving her of any wrongdoing with regards to her finances. This thing will die soon, but the moment she is up for re-election, it will comeback to her. It is best to get it out of  they way now, because when re-election comes around and you start providing proof that you were right, it may be seen as a ploy and nothing more.

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