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No holiday pay for DeKalb workers, more fees for citizens

February 2, 2010

DeKalb wants to stop paying for holidays  | ajc.com.

According to the AJC article, DeKalb commisioners are considering dropping holiday pay for employees. I must say, this is a great idea considering the alternatives of additional layoffs and reduced services. This works out great because more employees get to keep their jobs, and the citizens do not see further reductions in service. According to the article, it would save about $8 million dollars. Not a bad way to slice down your deficit. I hope that the “reduction in pay” is for all 7000+ employees, and not just the hourly workers. My guess is that the salaried supervisors and admins, the ones that do not do the actual work, will not be affected.

Speaking of the budget deficit, a proposal to raise parking fees and golf course fees is also on the agenda. According to this article, the county wants to charge $3 for parking at the courts and jails off Memorial Drive. Right now it is free. I wonder how much the county will raise, after they give a contract to a company to manage the parking for them. After all, you can’t expect people visiting felons in the jail to pay the meter. And as for the golf course fees, it may raise some money, but probably won’t make a dent in the overall budget

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  1. February 6, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    The reduction in pay will affect all salaried supervisors, at least at public safety. This also going to be instrumental in getting some of the police officers eligible for earlier retirement out the door.

    The public is going to suffer because of early retirement. The ones leaving, from the officers in the streets to the supervisors, will not be replaced, anytime soon anyway, leaving the police department even more short on staff and over worked.

    Expect response time to 911 to increase.

    • South DeKalb
      February 8, 2010 at 12:49 am

      What I fear is that the standards for hiring will go south as more experienced offers are put out to pasture. I think public safety should be a sacred cow in the county’s budget

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