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Barnes Sutton says she spent $69K on campaign

January 29, 2010

From Atlanta Unfiltered

Can you loan yourself 69k to run for political office?

OK, This is weird. Here is a woman who is a single mother of 3,  a teacher who makes around 45 k a year, yet she can afford to loan her campaign nearly two years salary. Someone please explain. In fairness to Barnes Sutton, she could have income from other sources, so the 45k she made could be supplemented. But I still wonder how someone who has such sever financial issues be able to support a political campaign as well.  Is being a county commish that important. I think she was angling for a higher, more lucrative office, one that would pay-off a lot better than county commissioner. Needless to say, she will be hard-pressed to remain commissioner from district 4, and her aspirations of higher office have been severely limited.

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