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Mazda leaving Stonecrest area, will others follow?

January 25, 2010

CrossRoadsNews – Cunningham closes Mazda shop expands Ford dealership.

I have been telling my wife for years now that Stonecrest could not survive on retail. There needed to be some diversity in the area. It was a huge undertaking, and was badly needed in the area. Stonecrest has done some great things for the area. You can physically see the difference of surrounding areas. But the honeymoon is over. There are way too many vacant stores in the mall and in the shopping centers around it. If Stonecrest is to survive, there needs to be more commercial businesses. It needs to attract small and medium businesses that employ people, and pay them a decent salary. A regional headquarters for a national company, or even some state or federal offices. Stonecrest is not like South DeKalb, or North DeKalb malls. Those are neighborhood malls that cater to a very local population. Stonecrest is on the order of Northlake, or Perimeter malls. These two malls have lots of retail space, but they were augmented by corporations and businesses with a workforce that traveled there daily, and used the various retail outlets while there. Stonecrest is a mall with little else other than retail to offer. Unless the county, or the Convention and Visitors Bureau steps up with a plan, more stores will pack up and Stonecrest will fail faster than any mall I know of.

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