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DeKalb chooses wallcoverings over Library, Parks

January 21, 2010

This is why DeKalb is ridiculed and made to look the fool.

$101,000 spent on DeKalb wallpaper and paint  | ajc.com.

Whether the walls needed painting and wallpaper or not, this is a public relations boo boo for the county and for Connie Stokes, since she is the one commissioner who is quoted in the story. The fact that the county commission approved this, shows that they may be a bit out of touch with the citizens they claim to represent. I am pretty sure that these buildings could be painted some other time. I am also pretty sure that the wallpaper replacement could have been put on hold a while longer. These are aesthetic changes; they do nothing to improve the safety or the quality of the actual building. And this quote from would-be 4th district Rep. Connie Stokes – “I had the same concern too about why are we doing wallpapering. But they told us it’s all for replacement for flood or water-damaged wallpaper,” Stokes told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. “They’re not decorating and adding new wallpaper.” First off  Ms. Stokes, they are decorating and they are not going to use old wallpaper. More importantly though,  you were reluctant to approve the contract so you approved it anyway. Couldn’t you have voted against it, or abstained, or pulled some political trickery to postpone the vote. See this is the type of stuff that gets citizens so upset. We have to live within our budget, and when we don’t have money, we must do without or pay the consequence. Politicians, on the other hand, just pass on a tax increase to make up for their stupidity. I hope Ms. Stokes realizes that citizens will be looking at her record on the commission in making a decision on whom to vote for as their Rep. from the 4th district. This is not a great start Ms. Stokes.

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