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Crisis in 30032 and many other zips

January 21, 2010

From the Champion Newspaper site:

Community Café addresses crisis in 30032.

The problem in 30032 is the same problem with 30034, 30035, and any other zip down here, you have two pathetic people have sex, the woman gives birth to a child, absent the father who has moved on to conquer other pathetic women, she has no clue what being a mother or parent is about so she shirks her duties. Her kid grows up on the streets, learning how to survive the streets with a total ignorance of the possibilities  that the future may hold. If its a boy he becomes a pathetic man who finds a pathetic woman and they have sex starting the cycle all over again. If it’s pathetic woman, then she runs from pathetic man to pathetic man dropping babies along the way, then expects society to have mercy and help her take care of her children, with the cycle starting all over again. This isn’t just a 30032 problem, this a cultural and societal problem.

To fix this will take some tough love. There should be no incentive to have multiple children you cannot or will not take care of. The government should step back a few steps and re-evaluate whether it is a solution, or is it part of the problem. Parents should spend more time with their children than with their friends. Parents need to talk to their kids about the consequences of repeated sexual contact. Not glorify it like teenagers swapping stories of conquest on the school bus. And for goodness sake, turn off the radio and TV and internet for a little while, and read, or go for a walk, or just sit in a chair and stare at the wall. But just turn off the distractions that are raising your child the wrong way.

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