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MLK Jr. Would be proud of this namesake

January 19, 2010


According to this blog, MLK Jr. would be dissappointed at the rate of integration of public schools here in the Metro. I linked to this blog, because the author includes MLK High in Lithonia. She states MLK is 100 percent Black. Then she talks about how students in integrated, middle class schools do better than those in single race schools, or schools mired in poverty. What bothered me about her post was that she included in her list a school that is as solidly middle-class as any in the Metro. Look at these figures below for the zip code where MLK High is..

Estimated median house/condo value in 2008: $192,465
30038: $192,465
Georgia: $169,100
Estimated median household income in 2008: $65,936
This zip code: $65,936
Georgia: $50,861

Educational Attainment of zip 30038

Household income and home values far exceed the state average in those categories. And educational attainment meets or exceeds Georgia averages in all college categories. If you looked at these numbers from an objective state, you would have too conclude that these are middle-class citizens who are educated and have a standard of  that exceeds the state average. If Dr. King visited MLK today, he would not see a racially integrated campus, instead he would see successful African-Americans, he would see hard working students, he would see a suburban school that has up to date facilities, and he would see a school that can rival any integrated school on any level. So lets not lump all schools with the MLK moniker in the same basket. Black America is a diverse conglomeration of very successful people and organizations, and it has it’s mass failures as well. I think that if MLK visited his namesake schools, he would probably be like most of those who marched with him. He would probably walk out of MLK High School and say, “We have come a long way, but we still have a ways to go.”

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