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Dekalb introduces new sex offender monitoring programs

January 19, 2010

From Crossroads News,

Sheriff introduces new sex offender monitoring programs.

The comments on this story are unbelievable. The most important thing to remember here is public safety. If sexual predators are roaming the streets, we as a community need to know. In this fast-paced, complex world, it is impossible for communities to know and keep track of dangerous people. In the “old” days, when a stranger or someone new showed up in the neighborhood, everyone knew about it, and within days knew their story. Today, people can move in and out of a neighborhood, and no one would bat an eye. This technology makes it easier to keep an eye on people who are known to be particularly violent. Remember, this is only used on the most violent of offenders. It should be a tool available to the general public. When people start throwing out stats about recidivism being 2.6 %, it may sound low statistically, but try telling that to the family of a victim of a sexual predator.

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