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CEO to Speak about state of the county

January 5, 2010

Interested to hear what CEO Ellis has to say. I want to know what his plans are to keep the county from declining any further, and would love to hear about plans for economic growth in the near future. I know the county has a budget shortfall, and will probably consider raising taxes or cutting back on services. They have already implemented a tax on those needing rescue from a crashed vehicle.  If you cant get out, be prepared to pay $250 to be cut out. I think fees like this will become the norm.  A fee here, a fee there, adds up. They are backdoor taxes that in the end will hurt residents more than help. Most people will never be hit by it, but enough will where it will make the county some money. DeKalb is not alone in this, most metro counties charge some fee for this service. The county sees it as catching up to the rest of the metro.  Still though its hard to believe that the quality of life will not suffer as the county cuts more from its budget. We will have to wait and see what the CEO says. I will be following to see how South residents will be affected. He will be speaking on January 7th between 6 and 73o p.m. in downtown Decatur.

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