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My wishes for S. DeKalb in 2010

December 31, 2009

1. Housing market rebound. We got hit so hard that I wonder if we will ever recover.

2. better restaurants in S. DeKalb.  I am tired of driving past fast food and chicken wing joints. How about a decent pizza joint, or Mexican, or soul food with some atmosphere. It is a shame that we have to drive as far as we do to get a decent sit down restaurant that doesn’t sell chicken wings.

3. People, cut your damn grass, uh, I mean weeds and do some maintenance on your house. It doesn’t cost much to keep your weeds cut and wash the mold spores off the sides of your house.

4. Some real development on Candler, Glenwood, and Columbia drive. I am tired of strip centers that have two nail shops, a barber, and the requisite liquor store. Lets see some independent clothing shops, or some startups in technology or entertainment related business, Like comedy clubs, or Jazz clubs, but no strip clubs. Add some real housing stock that will appeal to different types of folks, not just peopel looking for a cheap place to live.

5. Rail service from MARTA. Ain’t gonna happen, but I can wish.

6. Move parts of  S. Dekalb not in the 4th congressional district back to the 4th. It seems odd that some S. DeKalb residents are living in the 13th district, Just doen’t seem right.

7. Better schools. Ours are abysmal.

8. For that guy at 285 and Flat Shoals to win the lottery. Its hard to ignore him, because he looks genuinely needy, but in the back of my head I think he is scamming us.

9. That the mall would be demolished and redeveloped. It has run its course. Don’t let it die and sit empty for years like the old Avondale Mall. Redevelop it now and get ahead of the curve. Make it small shops, similar to Edgewood, and add some housing or something.

10. Last but not least, I wish that DeKalb Police would give better policing to the area. We pay taxes just like the other parts of the county, we deserve better policing especially since we are riddled with the most crime.

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